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Friday, 9 May 2014


So, at last, yet another example of duplicity. 
In times past written of the Council's lies in terms of the much loved and community centred Thamesbrook community residential  care home in Dovehouse St.
Over the years massive amounts of money have been spent on Thamesbrook to bring it up to the highest standards, but in the past few years the council has deliberately under-managed and run down the home. 
The next question is this: who are the council intending to flog the site to....after it's 'temporary closure?
Maybe, Pooter Cockell might be able to enlighten us......

In the meantime read the excellent things the CARE QUALITY COMMISSION has to say about a home the patients just love.

Andrew Barshall, the Independent candidate for Stanley ward said, "this is the result of a planned programme of dilapidation by a council that has consistently lied about the future of the home. How this Council can even dare think of moving extremely vulnerable people, from a place they know, love and have family, to some remote place outside the Borough beggars belief. 
But this is par for the course for a council that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. I suppose vulnerable people will find themselves shipped off to Peterborough....another of Cllr Cockell's favourite places for weak of this Borough"

From: "" <>
Sent: Friday, 9 May 2014, 16:07
Subject: Thamesbrook statement from Cllr Mary Weale 

Dear Colleagues,

I attach a press release which is going out today regarding the situation at Thamesbrook.  Officers have made huge efforts over the last eight weeks to cope with the situation there without doing anything drastic, but the time came on Tuesday when we realised that we could no longer keep delivering good quality care with dignity and safety in the building and so we have reluctantly agreed a temporary closure.

My priorities are that our residents should be moved somewhere good, that they have choice in making that move and that we support them and their families as much as we possibly can in this testing situation.  By starting now, we are not working in a crisis situation, but are able to make sensible, careful plans.

Mrs Bruce and Mrs Baillie have both made the care of residents here their priority and are meeting frequently to ensure that we are doing the very best we can.  We are also very mindful of a cohort of loyal and skilled staff whom we also need to support.  I hope that we will be able to send some of them with the residents to their temporary placements to minimise disruption.

The press release gives you more details about the situation, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further details. 



Mary Weale
0207 937 0765


  1. Hide it during an election...trashy woman

  2. This woman is not to be trusted. She just gets into a muddle, has a small brain that cannot grasp anything more complex than crossing an empty and narrow road, and is generally one of those poor people who just cannot cope. The idea of letting her near the poor and vulnerable is nuts. This sorry saga is not in the least surprising. Mary Weale has no place in public life

  3. Thamesbrook has been festering for a long time. No one should be surprised. No political Leadership and Officer incompetence. Off with their heads!

    1. Who on earth is keeping on this rubbish woman in Council service? Weale should have been thrown out with the bath water years ago.

  4. Stella Baillie is one of the nastiest most vindictive and uncaring of senior officers. She was in charge of the Edenham disaster, where 47 elderly and vulnerable residents were shipped out in a shocking and callous manner; half had died within a year. Sad to say Fiona Buxton was the Cabinet Member responsible, and it was not her finest hour.

  5. Cllr Buxton strikes again! Remember that she was the inventor of Chelsea Care - that ill conceived business venture that lost K&C council tax payers £ millions. And she now consults on HR issues for local Government, courtesy of her "learnings" (ie cock ups) in the Royal Borough

  6. No she doesn't, she is terminally ill. Chelsea Care was invented by Myers, she was just left holding the parcel when it collapsed.

  7. wnes10 May 2014 18:52
    Cllr F Buxton would always respond with rapidity to queries from residents.
    Derek Myers had no business to play the healthcare entrepreneur. The resultant £1m loss should be docked from his bloated £270,000 a year package.
    Her one error was not to have handed back to Mr Myers, his 'poisoned chalice.'
    It is very sad to hear of Cllr Fiona Buxton's illness: she worked hard for residents and has great integrity....
    I, for one, wish her well.

  8. Remember Colville school. Cllr Weale's husband was chair of governors when planning permission was granted by RBKC to carve a private French nursery school out of a deprived local primary school.The the plan was said to be needed because the private nursery was to be "evicted" from its existing home in Oxford Gardens by it's baronet owner. Former Labour leader Cllr Cunningham recommended officers to approve the application. Scandal ensued, whereupon RBKC claimed to have been against the plan all along.

    1. Chair of governors - and very, very friendly with the lady head-teacher - who was later quietly removed for mis-using school funds meant for the children.

  9. A READER WRITES11 May 2014 at 08:37

    When Weale was 'let go' from her job working in the City she was in need of income replacement and that's when being a Cockell sycophant comes in handy. In no time at all she was over to her current £40k a year job! Outrageous.

  10. The closure of Thamesbrook has been Stella Baillie's goal for years. That the care delivered there is excellent is of no consequence, She and Weale are the people who ought to be losing their jobs and Thamesbrook ought to have a secure future. We might all need it one day!


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