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Friday, 16 May 2014


Updated: 11:24, 16 May 2014
Three independent candidates will challenge the Tory dominance of Kensington & Chelsea council at borough elections next Thursday.
They are standing to fight what they claim is the council’s lax attitude to new developments — and will contest the seat of former council leader Sir Merrick Cockell, who is chair of the Local Government Association.
Celebrity hairdresser Heinz Schumi said: “I want to preserve amenities and public services, but we all feel let down by this Conservative council which refuses to listen to the views of their electorate.”
He blames the council for giving his landlord permission to convert his premises, a shop since 1810, into flats — forcing him to move out.
The other candidates are Andrew Barshall, who rose to fame 10 years ago for tackling an armed robber at Brinkley’s restaurant in Chelsea, and Ian Henderson, who is fighting to save the Sutton Estate. They are backed by style guru Stephen Bayley, who lives in the borough.


  1. Great piece....the trio terrifying Pooter and pals

  2. Too little too late. It will take more than this to get rid of the pox Tories

  3. Brilliant. My only regret is that Indies are not YET in every ward. Best of luck.

  4. Friend of Cllr Cockell16 May 2014 at 18:07

    Merrick is getting very jumpy. We had a very pleasant dinner together at the Fat Duck(no don't ask who paid or how much)
    His major concern is two lose or to win badly

  5. From what I hear, it is about time that all of Sir Merrick's expenses' claims were put under the microscope. . You mention the Fat Duck, I would not be surprised if there is a Duck House lurking in the background too.

  6. Something dropped through my letterbox the other evening from an odd couple called Hargreaves and Allison. It says that they are my Conservative team and that they came “to see you today and hear your views”. Is this a reprise of Cllr Mary Weale’s “we hear but we don’t listen”?

  7. Pembridge Ward needs to have an independent running in the local elections to tackle the basement developement issue, among many other issues.... The Boundary change has been very unhelpful to Pembridge - who conceived this carve-up of what had been an area with physical integrity? for what purpose? The effectiveness of the PA has been badly affected as well. The basement issue storm is gathering momentum, lots of murmerings and undertones of discontent - local politicians beware.


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