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Friday, 2 May 2014


The Dame has refrained from sticking her noble aquiline nose into the Stanley Ward Affair, but she can sit on the sidelines no longer....
She summoned the three Stanley Ward Chelsea Independent candidates...Andrew Barshall, Ian Henderson and Heinz Schumi to her elegant 'salon' and demanded they explain their insolence in daring to stand against Cllr Sir 'Pooter' Cockell and his fellow councillors, Warrick and Pascall.

Pooter Cockell is one of the new breed of local government entrepreneurs.
In his fourteen year reign as leader of the Rotten Borough of Kensington & Chelsea he has collected between £800,000 to a £1 million in allowances.
So how do these three impertinent fellows justify challenging Pooter and pals?

They say their decision to stand as Chelsea Independents was a direct result of pressure from residents.
According to Andrew Barshall residents felt the council looked first to the interests of  property developers and ignored the needs of the Chelsea community. 
He cited Earls Court as example of residents being shoved to one side in order to line the pockets of a S. African mega developer.

Ian Henderson pointed out that Chelsea had lost many of its landmark features with no effort being made by the Stanley Ward councillors to save them. " we have lost our fire stations;our historic pubs; heritage sites....all the features that made Chelsea a community. We now wait for the council to collude with Affinity Sutton in the destruction of the Sutton Buildings".

So what does the old Dame think about all this? 
Well, she has to agree that Cllrs Cockell, Warrick and Pascall are only ever visible at election times. 
Pooter, of course, is so busy with his non K&C jobs and exotic first class travel that he has no time for the 'little people': his colleagues can't even bothered to hold surgeries!

The Dame is always kept on her toes by Fly on the Wall....

"The Dame needs to sharpen up her memory. 
The exact words of Cllr Weale that were overheard during the Holland Park School consultation were "we agreed to listen but not to hear". 
As the saying goes, the stupid cow forgot that the mike was still on ....." 

So the Dame throws her beribboned hat in the ring and declares for the Chelsea Independents and People Power!


  1. I got a knock on my door last night and it was Cllr O'Neil - Who I will be voting for. He told me why he was standing as an Independent as well.

    I hope the Dame will be supporting him in Colville.

    1. The Dame's Reporter2 May 2014 at 13:05

      Disgraced, exposed and rejected Cllr O'Neil was shuffling around in a self conscious manner at the Kensington Society AGM this week. Everyone seemed to give him the cold shoulder. He looked gaunt and is now sporting one of those ridiculous stubble beards which any analyst will tell you is a sure sign of self doubt and personal questioning. Problem is that this rodent has nowhere to go and does not have the first clue about what to do with himself if he is not sponging off the North Kensington council tax payer

  2. Fly On The Wall2 May 2014 at 11:16

    The Dame needs to sharpen up her memory. The exact words of Cllr Weale that were overheard during the Holland Park School consultation were "we agreed to listen but not to hear". As the saying goes, the stupid cow forgot that the mike was still on

  3. The only way that the Independents will make any headway in Stanley is if they adopt some "Farage personality tactics" and get noticed. Clearly the Dame sits up and takes notice but this is not enough. The three candidates need coverage in the Evening Standard and the Chelsea News. Again and again. And they need to figure out what will make them newsworthy. It is called "a movement". Wittering over a glass of wine at Chelsea dinner parties will get nowhere. Fragrant Howells knows how to deliver the living dead who vote Conservative on autopilot.

    1. WASP is correct. These guys need to figure out how to fire up the protest voters. Unfortunately smiles for the Dame will not be enough

    2. Hero worshipper2 May 2014 at 14:50

      Look at the blog and see Barshall's courage

  4. Allegedly one Stanley resident heard Councillor Will 'Fruit Pastel', complain that The Independent Candidates showing, meant he actually had to do some 'work'

    1. Is Will a fruit too?

  5. Three nice looking candidates but they are dabblers. No history, no battle scars, no hope.

    1. Hero worshipper2 May 2014 at 14:51

      You talk rubbish: all cllrs are dabblers. Barshall and co are efficient,
      And Barshall tackles armed robbers

    2. Nice and rather brave too....silly comment

  6. Their willingness to stand gives the incumbents a well-deserved shock. This alone gives residents hope that the whole rotten edifice will one day collapse. The first vital move is for residents to break the habit of a lifetime and vote for their true representatives.

  7. So Barshall tackles armed robbers! Single handed. Great stuff. Why is he so reticent about this? Should be shouting from the roof tops. "No nonsense resident sees off armed robbers and now takes on Chelsea Tories". This is the kind of thing to make their campaign catch fire.


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