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Thursday, 1 May 2014


The Dame's old friend and sparring partner, Cllr Pooter Cockell has decided to take on the role of Solomon.
He has called a meeting with Ian Molson, Luke Johnson and Sir Robert Finch. 
Pooter, a modest ex fag salesman has, for years, supported himself and family off the backs of the taxpayer. He revels in meeting with powerful men like the brewer, Molson and serial entrepreneur, Luke Johnson. 
What Luke will make of the obsequious Pooter is anyone's guess. 
Luke is puritanical and has contempt for state sponsored spongers. 
Let's hope he doesn't read what the Standard had to say about Pooter.... 
The Standard reported Cockell had....

.....two lavish trips to New York at local taxpayers' expense, it emerged today.
Merrick Cockell, Conservative leader of Kensington and Chelsea, flew first class, ate at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city and stayed in a five-star hotel.
He was also entertained in London by a series of property developers, including being lunched at the Ritz.
The disclosure comes after Mayor Boris Johnson's deputy, Ian Clement, had his corporate credit card confiscated for using it to pay for supermarket shopping and upgrades to business-class flights.
Mr Cockell made two trips to New York. During the first, in January 2007, he dined at The Four Seasons, one of the city's most famous restaurants. It has hosted John F Kennedy and wife Jackie, American Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Henry Kissinger. New York magazine describes it as where "members of the town's power menagerie gather".
The dinner cost $185 (£98.68 at the exchange rate at the time). Mr Cockell did not declare who he ate with.

Pooter is keen to try to mediate between Royal Brompton and Royal Marsden. 
Those involved should be aware that Pooter has spent years grovelling to Moynihan and delights in claiming him as a friend!


  1. Pooter Cockle will adore puffing himself up. But they will quickly see through him.

    1. This vain and shallow disgraced ex Leader loves a stage. Cant stay away from it.


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