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Friday, 23 May 2014


An anxious reader has emailed the Dame....

Dear Dame

Was it a good idea to merge with H&F?
I am worried that there will be so much political in-fighting that the whole Triborough project will fall apart with dire consequences for us K&C residents.
Was it ever a good idea to construct this alliance knowing that H&F would go Labour?

Can your better informed readers help me on this....or maybe you, yourself have an idea.

Can I, in conclusion, congratulate you on the huge number of page views you have been achieving. 
Maybe, you can stop showing off about it for a while?

Best wishes

Emily Fortescue-Smith


  1. Frankly, Miss Fortescue-Smith spekes for many of us in complaneing a her showing off.

  2. Here, Here...are you one of the Devon Fortescue's?
    I am sure this is a Labour blog and Cllr Dent Coad opens up the Hornet to make up
    page vuews

  3. It's most likely that it never occurred to K & C Tories that once H & F got rid of its "poor" people and replaced them with "rich" residents, those left would rise up in anger and vote Labour. The conviction that the Tories were a hegemony in central west London has proved delusional.K & C now has to go cap in hand to H & F Labour to ask their intentions. Regardless of the outcome of discussions, this is a great and well deserved humiliation for our arrogant K & C councillors.

  4. I believe K & C has only about 180,000 residents. Most of them will not have voted yesterday. So it's quite extraordinary that we still have no local election results. Perhaps the Hornton Street machine has managed to delay the announcement till after the various news broadcasters have departed for the holiday weekend.

  5. The results are out and nightmare from hell Cockell was voted in the Stanley residents get what they deserve. Disgraceful.

    1. Headmistress Boothroyd25 May 2014 at 11:50

      I am a Stanley Resident. I voted for Barshall, Henderson and Schumi. I do not deserve Cockell, Pascall and Warwick

  6. Tory voters switched to autopilot yet again. As 20.11 says, they'll get what they deserve.

    Having said that, the Indies are to be congratulated for put up a damn'd good showing.


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