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Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Is there no secret safe from the nosy,curtain twitching old Dame?

The Dame-a foolish old thing, does not understand what a brainbox like Jon Moynihan, ex boss of PA Consulting, could have in common with the ill educated Pooter.
Pooter's career, pre RBKC, involved flogging cheapo fags from a battered old suitcase in Africa.....

Moynihan has written up his Wilkipedia entry in such a way none of us can be unacquainted with his intense old Oirish show off Jon!

But the Dame is more interested in this extract from his 'top secret' email. 
Within it he tries to promote Pooter as some sort of peacemaker...a Solomon of our times!
But then Pooter loves pompously pontificating at private dinners. 
When he was manhandled out of the Leader's office we thought we had heard the last of him: it seems we were wrong and he is busy posing as an 'elder statesman'.
Who will rid us of this poseur?

Jon writes as below

'Clearly, everything needs to be moved along quickly; all of us are anxious for the Brompton to be able to move ahead.
What Jon seems to be unwilling to grasp is that the Brompton estate is designated for community use and enshrined as such in the Core Strategy.

The other facet wise and skilled commentators have made clear is this.... the cost of developing the Sydney St site would NOT exceed £250 what's the other £270 odd million needed for?
I hope Pooter, as a result of one of his many private meetings with a certain Hong Kong based developer, is not trying to clumsily ride two horses. 
Pooter is the last person to be involved in anything requiring any degree of negotiating skill.... 

I did put forward the idea of having a small group of qualified local residents who would sign a NDA, and go over the greater details of the Brompton’s numbers, so that the Brompton are in a position to reassure the wider community that the ‘value gap’ is indeed as large as has been stated, and that the overall need of the Brompton to find financial resources to develop the Sydney Street site (currently estimated by them at £580 million and rising), is indeed correct.  The Brompton are, understandably, highly concerned about commercial confidentiality and about the potentially disruptive effect of doing such but are prepared to consider doing this.  In order to progress this, we would need to assemble a group of four or five high qualified individuals from the worlds of construction, quantity surveying, architecture, finance, and so forth, who would be in a position to properly audit and understand the numbers.  Members of this email chain have indicated in the past that we can have access to such resources: are there any volunteers out there, whether from this email list, or from people that any of you know, who we might consider as potentially forming part of this group?  Please let me know immediately if you feel you can play a part in this.  If I can get a group of qualified individuals together, I will then put their names forward to the Brompton.

and Jon concludes by warning people to keep his self aggrandising, 'consultant speak' letter away from the Dame....fat chance of that.

In any event, to emphasize the need to ratchet down the tensions, I would suggest that if you do wish to share any of this news with anybody, please do so as far as possible in a way that does not leak the information out too widely, or create a negative publicity feedback loop that could make our attempts to resolve these thorny issues more difficult.  


  1. Commercial confidentiality? It's a publicly funded hospital not a commercial property developer. What have they got to hide?

  2. No wonder Marcus Agius pushed this thundering bore out of PA

    1. JM 'pushed' - this was pre Marcus Agius. And very overdue.
      imho JM was (for the 5 years prior to his departure) expensive, very self interested, and a real liability.

  3. This just proves the point that the so-called assurance given in the Tory campaign leaflet for Stanley Ward is worthless. It only commits to stage one, just to get them over the election campaign and re-elected. Then they will swing full-square behind the Brompton and buy-to-leave luxury homes for sale in Hong Kong. I hope the Chelsea Independents will publicise this vigorously.

  4. Another "puffer" who thinks he has arrived. And dreams of a Knighthood for some "public service" to sort out the hospital mess. Why is public life so full of this trash at the fringes?

    1. The word in polite society is "wanker"


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