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Monday, 5 May 2014



One thing about the Dame....she's never averse to freeloading at someone else's expense. 
So when some member of the Stanley ward 'awkward squad' asked her about Cllr Cockell's Expenses she sent him away with a flea in his ear.

Being leader is a poorly paid job! 

The year before last Cockell only managed to scratch together £120,000 from the taxpayer.... and the Dame can tell you poor, insolent peasants, that goes nowhere when you have a family to educate  Expenses

So the Dame warns residents tempted to tackle him on his luxury trips and entertaining....DON'T

It's a tough life being Pooter  Expenses


  1. This story is over 7 years old - is there anything new? How about the Labour Councillor who f***ed an MP to death.

  2. Appalling behaviour is never ameliorated(that means made better, Palmer) by the frightful Max Clifford found out. Abusing expenses shows the character of the man.
    Similarly, his greed at clinging onto his £70,000 a year as K&C leader, whilst double and triple jobbing to get another £55,000 a year.
    If asked by residents he needs to answer honesty(if he can). Also why he used the Bentley....

  3. Successive RBKC district auditors are part of the problem, rather than the solution. RBKC pays them to find nothing the council does with our money is so inappropriate that, any individual or the council, is to blame for anything. There is no reason to suppose RBKC is unique. So all local government in the UK is a racket.

  4. The man is a rat. Pure and simple. A rat. Says it all.

  5. For years and years Pooter Cockle treated the Royal Borough as his personal fiefdom and every day he would enter the sweatshop and go crazy - Bentley, First Class flights to America, Five Star hotels, slap up meals for friends at top restaurants in New York. No one "noticed" until the Dame made a fuss. And then the denials and excuses followed. "I never used the Bentley". "I forget who it was who I took to the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York". "I authorised the use of the Bentley to save taxi fares"(Chief Executive). "Denying use of the Bentley was political rhetoric" (Chairman of Standards Committee".

    But in the end the Dame got him. As she always does

  6. Poor long suffering Council Tax payer

  7. None of you appreciate the amount of work that Mr Cockell has put in to serve the borough. Thanks to his tireless efforts with the big developers we now have more luxury developments, completed and being developed, in RBKC than anywhere else in the Europe. And so what if they are left empty; it just means less people to take care of in the borough. You should show him the respect he is due rather than continually harp on about a a few hundreds of thousands of pounds that he has needed for himself.

    1. What an idiotic comment. Houses need to be full all year round so that they spend money EVERY day in supermarkets, hairdressers, post office, dry cleaners and restaurants. Without this spending society as we know it will collapse. If you go and visit Salcombe, a big seaside town in Devon with many up market holiday homes that stand empty for most of the year, you will see what can happen. No petrol station! No supermarket! They cannot spread the overheads over the year. I have seen the future of K&C

    2. Owl.....I suspect 10:39 is taking the piss out of Cockell....

    3. Less of the "Mr" Cockle please. It is Leader Sir Merrick Cockell of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea VIP, TWERP, Master of The Chamber, Creature of Phelps and Follower of the Mighty

  8. Anonymous 10:39 is absolutely correct. The Royal Borough is the wealthiest borough in Europe, and can more than afford to help Cllr. Cocckell support a lifestyle befitting the head of the council.
    Stop your pathetic whingeing and show some appreciation for all that he has done for us.

  9. Commander Barry Phelps Esq6 May 2014 at 11:24

    I agree: Merrick Cockell gave up a lucrative career going from one African country to another selling cigarettes to the locals... cheap. Why shouldn't he now have a bit of fun pretending to be a tycoon? After all it's no fun being our man in Africa.
    Give Pooter a break!!! The boy done well off us taxpayers


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