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Friday, 23 May 2014


It seems that the Chelsea Independents innocently used a story from the Dame suggesting that local voters might want to ask Colonel Sir Pooter Cockell ten questions about his historic expenses.

Well, despite not identifying Pooter as the spendthrift in question it 'got his goat'!

He lashed out at one Independent candidates accusing him of a 'personal attack'.

Hilarious, does he really think that he can waste our money in this way and remain unscathed? 
You don't go into politics if you object to your personal ethics being examined.....


  1. He's nervous. Great. And very long overdue.

  2. Interesting that some of the Tory activists who were manning the Tory clipboard outside the Stanley Voting Office, claimed to know nothing of the plans to knock down the Sutton Estate - perhaps it was the swathes of Voters Constantly trickling out of the ' factories ' of affordable housing estates that suddenly sparked their complacent heads into the 20th Century - who knows, before long , perhaps the ' 'village' may have something to dictate to ' the estate ' - Watch out Rocky Melonhead , the 'peasantos' are coming

  3. How unfortunate that Colonel Cllr. Sir Merrick Pooter Cockell has had his feelings hurt. How much worse for him it must be than for all those who have had their lives uprooted by his regime.

    1. Tarquin Fossington-Cholmondley26 May 2014 at 14:18

      I bet he laughed all the way to the bank when the Council claims settled his claims. .

  4. Thanks to the Dame, we now know about Merrick Cockell's expenses' claims. We need an investigation in to the expenses claimed by all RBKC Councillors, including Labour ones, along the same lines as the parliamentary expenses scandal. As long as RBKC Councilors have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear from independent scrutiny by The Daily Telegraph. .

    If the Dame put this evidence before the Prime Minister,he would refer the matter to Eric Pickles who would undoubtedly consult his Minister, Baroness Hanham, a thoroughly decent person who would probably believe the allegations against her former Kensington and Chelsea colleagues to be untrue. So, Councillors in K&C will go on drawing benefit answering to no one. Even people drawing the dole have to answer to Dole Office Clerks for not being in work.

    It is a pity that the Independents did not name Sir Merrick as the beneficiary of all these expenses' claims but they were probably fearful of being sued.


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