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Monday, 12 May 2014


If you ever thought that Sir Pooter Cockell bore passing resemblance to Captain Mainwaring then this could be the reason. 
However, Pooter's position in the military hierarchy is rather more senior...he is a Colonel!
The Dame never has any problem 'taking stick' as Ludo puts it so is happy to put the record straight and publish this roasting from a councillor wishing to remain anonymous.

A Colonel

Dear Madam

I do not deign to address you as Dame and doubt whether you have been in the receipt of a Dameship of the British Empire.

I write to take issue you with your constant sniping of Sir Merrick.
Whilst no great military expert I understand from reading his biography on the Local Government Association website that Sir Merrick had an outstanding military career, mainly spent in the wilder parts of Africa.

May I draw your reader's attention to his LGA biog: it might make your reconsider your vicious barbs when you read that he gave up running a global trading company, Addison Cockell, which he based below the Conservative Association offices, better to be close to the political dimension of his life.

He gave up the global trading company-not because it made no profits-but in order to devote himself to the betterment of all our lives.

We should be humbled to have a great man looking after our interests and not begrudge his meagre allowances and expenses..

......He is Honorary Squadron Colonel of 41 (PLK) Signals Squadron.
Sir Merrick is married with two daughters. He ran a (massively unprofitable 2 man band...ed) international trading company for 23 years and now devotes his time to public service(because he makes a lot more dough ed) 

Yours faithfully

Cllr 'Buffy' B********r


  1. Your constant sniping at Honorary Squadron Colonel Sir Merrick Cockell is a quite outrageous way to behave towards a knight of such high military rank.
    I am sure that if he hadn't been so physically and intellectually challenged he would have made an excellent military man.

  2. What? This must be some party joke. The man has been playing too much Monopoly

  3. Fly On The Wall12 May 2014 at 10:41

    Hats off to Buffy for tipping off the Dame. He does of course hate Sir Cockle.

  4. Followers of the Dame know how much Pooter Cockle loves his airs and graces (the Bentley, the "Leader", the "Chairman", and now the "Colonel"). What a jumped up little runt. For the record, a Google search shows that 41 (Princes Louise of Kensington) Signals Squadron describes itself as:
    * are you 17 to 45 looking to do something different
    * the Squadron is close and friendly and meets at weekends for social events
    * we meet on Tuesday night for training

    As usual, Pooter parading as something that he is not. No wars , no fighting, no bravery, no achievement. Just a puffed up Colonel of a Social Club in Kensington.

    Pass the sick bag, Dame

    1. Hilarious. Once again the bubble is pricked. The man is pointless.

    2. Lord Kensington12 May 2014 at 10:56

      Steady on, chaps

    3. Commander Barry Phelps Esq12 May 2014 at 11:39

      Unlike the Independent Stanley Ward candidate, Barshall who bought down an armed robbed. Imagine 'Colonel Cockle' doing that.

  5. Not having lived in the borough for very long, I asked a long-time resident why does everyone take an instant dislike to Cockell.
    His answer, "Because it saves time."

  6. Linda wade is ill with mumps. For the last week of canvassing she is having to go round earls crt with a bell saying "unclean unclean"

  7. Unfunny. Ms Wade is the best thing that's happened to Earl's Court for decades. One wishes her a speedy recovery.

  8. Mumps at her age!! Oh dear me.

  9. Cllr Hargreaves has whooping cough.


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