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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Dressed for the Count tomorrow
The Dame is not one to show off but her technical director just sent her the latest  Hornet viewing figures....she was stunned; yesterday 1,191 PAGE VIEWS... today 277 and counting!
So why have the Conservatives and Lib Dems turned down her three invitations to promote their policies?
After all, the Dame musings reach to voters in a way the local paper was unable.
Anyway, the Dame sends Pooter and pals a final invitation to tell us what they plan.... if elected.
Come on, you must have something interesting to say?

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  1. Dear Dame, if I may help a bit.

    The odd couple of Hargreaves and Allison (keen to hear, but not to listen) were asked their views about an attempt by an agent to sell off a green part of north Kensington. This is what they said:
    Hargreaves: Thank you for your email regarding the Nursery Lane site. I oppose it being built on and if elected I would be vocal about that and any other planning application that leads to a loss of green space. (So he doesn’t understand RBKC Conservative's over-development policy then.)
    Allison: To answer your inquiry, let your members know that as (a Councillor in waiting) I most vehemently am opposed to this, we are so short of greenery as it is. Let us as a community hold on to what we can tooth and nail, how much more character and loss of land, space and freedoms must we give up. This land should not be built on at all and may I just reiterate that if the good people feel that they are ready to elect a candidate such as myself, then I would be a buffer to any planning application of this sort. Hope that this helps and that my position is clear on this. (This defies any comment other than ‘bless’!)

    1. How bizarre. It seems they have missed the vetting process whereby any personal opinion is filtered out. So, either the Conservatives are desperate for candidates (as we heard) and will take almost anyone, or they just don't think St Helen's is winnable. Interesting.

  2. When first elected Hargreaves was both approachable and helpful to all. Then he decided his preference was for Hornton Street advancement. A great loss.

  3. This is a different Hargreaves, a former PC Hargreaves (no relation).

  4. I think the Tories have already accepted that they are going to be taking a thrashing in parts of the borough and have just given up. The Independents in Chelsea look set to cause an upset and the thought of losing such beloved councillors as Pooter, Warwick and the other one, must have taken the wind out of their sails.


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