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Wednesday, 14 May 2014



The Chelsea Society newsletter comments today that the emergence of Independent candidates is a sure sign that there is something wrong.
It equates their rise with the last popular rebellion over Daniel Moylan's vulgar plan for Sloane Square....
Anyway we should all join the Chelsea Society: it does wonderful work


  1. The issues round the Kensington Independents and K & C councillors retiring after only a few years service, all seem to revolve around planning. From Moylan's megalomaniacal plan to ruin Sloane Sq as he has Exhibitionist Rd, to a councillor widely believed to have resigned because he objects to being told how to vote on the planning committee, the cracks are beginning to show. Much of the credit belongs to the Dame.

    Something is very seriously wrong in Hornton St. So all residents of wards with Kensington Independent candidates should take this opportunity to vote for new blood. Good luck to them.

    Regarding the granting of planning permissions that ruin neighbourhoods, it seems that lending for such projects has somewhat dried up. Properties are now being offered for sale with planning permissions, rather than as completed projects.

  2. It's odd that this very interesting item has only resulted in one comment. Perhaps 19.31's suggestion that the property market has peaked is the problem.

    Today in a sales blurb from Winkworth: in the Notting Hill section director, Alex Thompson, is quoted "Activity is surprisingly strong at present, however, there is some evidence that things are beginning to settle down."

    What goes up must come down. It's true for political parties and property prices.

  3. You'd think people would be pleased if house prices have at last gone off the boil. Rather than digging out these ghastly basements, some owners now choose to sell their properties on to others, who may not want to dig either. Surely this is good news. Alternatively, the furore round basements in K & C may at last be persuading new buyers to go elsewhere.

  4. We only hear from the Conservative candidates when they canvass our votes once every four years. Time for a change, support the Chelsea Independents on election day.

    It really is something when the Chelsea Society pledges support for the Independents. The Chelsea Society loves Chelsea and we can safely infer that these Tory Councillors do not


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