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Wednesday, 30 December 2015


There have been 'aspersions' cast at the quartet financing Crossrail4Chelsea and some horrible things have been written about the 'travelling' Thomas family and their 24-hour casino's.
Now someone has been slandering another of the financiers, Leonard Holdsworth.

The accusation is that he could be the same Leonard Holdsworth who published a rather racy men's magazine called Knave.

The Dame rooted around her vile nephew, Ludo's, grimy bedroom and found a copy of this pornographic publication.

The Dame finds the claim unbelievable; after all, Len boasts in his potted biog of being a church going type.

"He now serves on the Church DCC, the Parish PCC as well as being a School Governor, of course. He is also a long-standing Committee Member of the Chelsea Society and the Christ Church Residents Association and other local groups. He is also a Trustee of the Hall of Remembrance."


  1. Can we see inside the publication please

  2. The Dame says No. Look what has happened to poor Ludo? Just a few reads and his mind has become like a sewer. She hopes Len has been leaving copies lying around at church meetings

  3. Same guy. Scum bag Len. Cow dressed as Springbok

  4. So we have one of the four who has made money from gambling and another from sex magazines. What the hell have the other two been up to. One is called Kane? S&M magazines? We should be told.

  5. indeed..... spill the lot, please....

  6. Those huge blue spectacles give the game away. The guy is a real schlep.

    Thoroughly ghastly when young. Totally ghastly when old. Beyond description when ancient.

    1. Not much time left. Close to burning.

  7. EX CLLR LAMONT(IT WAS MY WIFE WHAT DID IT)31 December 2015 at 16:20

    Blue movies too?
    Any other filth

  8. Everyone at Leonard's local pub, The Surprise Chelsea, knew he was involved with porn and writing the graphic stories. It was a running joke. He died in December


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