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Sunday, 20 December 2015


The Dame loves a bit of Sunday night mystery so when she heard that Crossrail4Chelsea was up and running she decided she would dig around and find out who, besides Mr Flash, was funding things.
Guess what? It's none other than one Simon Thomas whose family fortune is based upon the entertainment business.

Simon comes from a 'traveller' show business background with a fortune made from something called Bingo!
The show biz gene comes vividly to life in his appallingly self-congratulatory and smug Linked In profile. 
Have the smelling salts to hand as he gives you a tour de force of his many talents!....
So common; so vulgar!
No surprise that he wants to screw up Kings Road. 
Read about the jumped up little chap HERE

Here is a picture of Jimmy and Simon Thomas surrounding Boris Johnson.
Could they all be more than( to use that ghastly expression) 'personal friends'?
Did Boris put the Thomas's up to the financing of Crossrail4Chelsea? 
The Thomas family have many millions so expect a massive pro campaign. 
But why would this mainly Leicestershire based family be interested in little old Kings Road?
Jimmy, Boris and Simon


  1. Is this a return favour to Boris?

  2. Another Traveller21 December 2015 at 08:39

    Rumours that the Thomas boy plans a Bingo Hall in the Chelsea Crossrail may be wide of the mark

  3. Really? What a nice idea... spend a cozy afternoon playing 'housy-housy'.... as it was once called...

  4. I think the Dame is being very unfair - just because Mr Thomas' family make money out of running a 24 hour casino, bingo halls and amusement arcades does not mean that they would want to have the same in Mr Coleridge's ridiculous proposed station. Nor does it mean that Mr Holdsworth, one of the other founders of Crossrail4Chelsea, (who was the former editor and publisher of the porn magazine Knave) would wish that esteemed journal to be on sale within. Not at all. As Mr Coleridge says, this will all be tasteful and upmarket.

  5. Could the Thomas family be planning an upmarket Bingo Hall at the station.
    The Dame can see herself popping in for a bit of afternoon R&R.
    But she is very curious about the professional activities of Mr Holdsworth...
    Is he is the same league as Mr David Sullivan?


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