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Friday, 11 December 2015


Sloane Stanley is an old established landed London estate; Martin's Properties are not.....and, it shows!
MP is based upon the idea of a clever man who ran an electrical goods shop in 1950's Kings Road, building a property portfolio on the back of it.
Maybe, the Martin family were keen this vile 'tree' be 'a nod' to their electrical retailing past?

Vulgar, Vulgar, Vulgar
So, being an old snob, the Dame can forgive Tom Martin for thinking this pretentious construction was in good taste.

But someone at Sloane Stanley must surely have had a 'taste bypass' in agreeing to fund this stupid piece of electrical tat. 

Surrounded by dirty metal railings, this ugly thing says much about the way the vulgarians have taken over our much loved Kings Road.
Imagine how beautiful a fine Norwegian fir tree would have looked on Dovehouse Green? 
Instead, we have this dull and dreary blot on the landscape. 
It really makes one sick.


  1. KINGS ROAD FOREVER12 December 2015 at 00:06

    I agree: it is horrendous and meaningless. In Paris, it would be pulled down. No wonder the British are lampooned for thinking art is all about shocking people.
    Time the Chelsea Society stepped in....oh, I forget, the full of himself Martin is a big wig there. It's to show off when daddy leaves you lots of toys to play with!

    1. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

      Shop keepers do bring the down the tone of a place. Of course they belong in Hammersmith.

  2. No breeding, no taste, no background. Just a common little electrical shop.

    My goodness, it shows

  3. This is the kind of thing that the Arabs love. Especially the types from Qatar who drive loud cars. Unfortunately for common Martin it is the wrong time of the year. Qataris do not celebrate Christmas.

    Of course they would not recognise a Christmas tree for what it is. But garish lights go down a storm.


  4. Outraged resident12 December 2015 at 09:12

    Save the Royal Borough from SPIVS

  5. This ugly object is sponsored by both Sloane Stanley and Martins Properties.

  6. how long before the Borough starts renting out pavements, lampposts & every available surface etc to be painted in corporate colours at a price.? "Starbucks proud sponsors of Sloane Street" maybe? Boris was happy to deface London. Roads still streaked with nasty Barclays blue long after the bank got on its bike?

  7. One of the biggest eyesores is the BT telephone advertising placards disguised as telephone boxes swamping the borough. They have no place on our streets.

    This went through without any sort of consultation with residents as well as the erection of billboards top of Warwick Road/Cromwell Road.

    We do have to send a message that the tory councillors are unlikely to get in again unless they take their fingers out over basements, demolishing Victorian homes and schools, exhibition centres. In the space of a year we have lost as many treasured heritage buildings as Daesh destroy in the Middle east (OTT here probs).

    We've all had enough time to get local independent candidates to announce their running and put the s*%ts up the councillors.

  8. Does the Council approve things like this "tree" ? Is this what Mr. Stallwood of RBKC Planning is talking about when he tells his Councillors how "critical" it is that any developments should not be inimical to the "preservation of Chelsea's character" ? And is the barrier around it there to stop all the vandals and hooligans who live in the area tearing it down on their way to church at St. Luke's ?

  9. It is indescribably vulgar!!


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