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Wednesday, 9 December 2015


The Dame despairs of  amiable Cllr Ahern: a nice old cove who was delighted when his ex-wife, Miss Rose, left him in financial clover. 
But, from what the Dame hears, things are not too rosy in the Rose Garden. Miss Rose may soon be coming to Tim for a financial helping hand:tax avoiding film finance schemes can be the fiscal death of people.
(Come on Auntie Dame, get on with it, Ludo)

Anyway, in the face of angry residents, fed up with the noise and danger of foreign-owned supercars, Tim has come up with a fatuous Public Spaces Protection Order.
From today, terrified and impoverished Gulfies and Saudi's, could get a £1000 fine for speeding or over revving.
You have to be seriously stupid to think this will have any impact. 
And who is meant to enforce it? 
The police? They are too busy chasing down jihadists, funded by the Gulf States and Saudi oili-garchs.

  • None of these cars should be allowed on our streets unless they have temporary UK licence plates. 
  • The police should have late night speed traps on their favoured 'drags'.
  • Their vile cars should be subjected to spot DVLA checks to ensure they are road traffic act compliant. These inspections should take a couple of weeks to complete and interfere with their anti-social activities.


  1. Surely if these Arab guys get a £1000 fine then they will also get a criminal record and will be barred from the UK. This is marvelous.

    Irish cunning at work?

  2. Ahern is interested in nothing but a quiet life. He'll soon be gone.

  3. The Dame is right and wise. The police are too busy filling in forms.
    This is a job for DVLA. They should have to have their cars throughly checked for compliance. That would keep them off the road.


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