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Tuesday, 8 December 2015


There is a cruel adage....'Somerset born; Somerset bred....Strong in arm thick in head'
Could our dozy friends in the land of scrumpy have made a big mistake?
Obviously, the Dame's witterings don't reach the Levels of Somerset: if they did, our straw sucking friends might have thought twice about their unlikely decision.

The Dame has read some astonishing news and advises her charming readers to tell her whether the Somerset Conservatives have bitten off more than they can chew.
You can read all about HERE

Let's hope Jonathan won't turn up to the fund raising fetes worse than death wearing all his Louis Vuitton gear. 
These things are misunderstood by the Somerset yokels.
Men carrying handbags are a rare sight in the West Country.


  1. So so sad for JFH. To think, he had originally planned to retire to Spain - following the 2012 mayoral election - and join his boyfriend running the since ill-fated pink hotel. But why the demotion to Somerset? Is JFH retreating before he's pushed or escaping before he's discovered...?

    1. I have many friends in Somerset and North Devon. Its a riot of private parties and events. And even the odd shooting of dogs called Rinka

  2. Stranger than fiction

  3. Person Familiar With The Situation9 December 2015 at 08:15

    It is surprising that Jonathon held on for so long in the Royal Borough. Powerful figures like MP Greg Hands were gunning for him and even the old dears like Cllr Barbara Campbell were wielding their hat pins.

  4. Took the Village People's advice to "Go West"? If only the dodgy clowns and comedians at Hornton Street would follow him into rural obscurity!

  5. It wos Julie Mills wot dunnit.


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