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Thursday, 17 December 2015


Prof Hall
Ready to wack the Dame
The Dame is used to threats and online nastiness, but this correspondent seems to be trying to set the Dame against Colin Hall, the puffed up HM of Holland Park Academy.

It's clear from the below Mr Hall would like to put the old Dame across his knee and give her six of the best.

This little note dropped in through the Dame's Faberge style email box. 
Can anyone throw light on what her correspondent can be getting at?

"Doing more of your dirty work.
Hall despises you and particularly your stance on The Bird Liz.  (who she? The Dame)
If only you knew what the two of them did re: admissions ...
You might also want to do a FOI request to the amount of expenditure Hall incurs painting the school.  Don't be fooled by the maths.  
They use Farrow and Ball paint you know.

Maybe this is too much info for you to handle......maybe your lawyers need to be involved or or maybe not! 
Just so  you know.....he hate you and all you stand for."


  1. Why Jimmy Edwards...mmmmm. Naughty Dame!

  2. Hall has no interest in Liz - or for that matter any bird at all

    1. The great brotherhood at the top of the school administration was well understood by Jackie Griffiths, a past Director of Education in Hornton Street. She did not like its manifestation one little bit.

      Unfortunately the other brotherhood in the Hornton Street Cabinet silenced the perceptive Officer.

  3. Is David Chappel throwing stones? Have the two had a falling out? Is the "item" coming to an end?

    We should be told.

  4. Perplexed, you are misinformed. The two are still an item. Very much so.

    And jointly pulling in nearly £300k per year before pension contributions (inflation proofed, of course). It will take more than a weekend spat to shake this.

  5. Col loves beautiful things. His home is full of tasteful flower arrangements and his offices at school stuffed with designer furniture. It is entirely appropriate that all of this is set off by Farrow and Ball paints.

    In pastel shades, of course. Col loves pastels

  6. Headmaster Hall is terribly out of date. Strictly passe.

    Coherer Hall is what the modern world is all about. David Chappel is fully "cohered".

  7. 'The Bird' Liz must mean feather-brained Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, who The Dame has no time for. What a fetid pit at Holland Park Academy! With no formal accountability possible.

    Long Live The Dame.

  8. No it is Cllr Elizabeth Rutherford, the most perceptive and active of the school's governors.

    1. Anonymous has to be joking. Cllr E Rutherford (the posh chaps totty dotty)is way past her sell by date. Moves slowly and thinks even more slowly. In fact hardly thinks at all. She adores Cllr Putin Coleridge and every sighting is a hot flush. Putin Coleridge of course plays up to this and indulges the old dear with his received charm.

      Working class boy Hall no doubt feels a small puff in the presence of this gentility and a dud that he can flatter is always useful to have around.

    2. Liz is not all dud. She hates Frazer Howells with a passion. Saw through him years ago.


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