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Saturday, 12 December 2015


There was once a time when the Savoy Hotel  represented a certain way of  doing things.
Its name was synonymous with elegance and refinement.
Those days have long since gone. 
It is now a vulgar place frequented by monied international riff-raff.

If you live in Knightsbridge or Chelsea don't be surprised to see these ugly flyers stuck on car windscreens. 
And, staring up at you, will be the name of the Savoy Hotel, blazoned across the scrappy piece of crude paper. 

Thousands of these ugly A4 leaflets have been plastered around the area.
Most end up on the streets adding to the general litter and creating more work for our hard working street cleaning teams. It's a horrible job; especially in winter and the least we can do is support them. 
Cllr Ahern is the member responsible for these teams and it's
time he cracked the whip and put a stop to this blatant littering of our streets. 
But, doubtless whatever he does will be as futile as his attempt to crack down on the supercars...come on Tim, stop being indolent!

The Savoy arrogantly say, “ nothing to do with us” so clearly are happy to take the money from these idiots.

This is the second time the hotel has hosted these French exhibitors and the second time the hotel has refused to cancel the event.

If you have any taste avoid this hotel. 
They care nothing about our community, but much about money.

It is time our Environment Health department got its act together and stopped this crude marketing.

The Dame will be writing to Fairmont boss, Mr Fatt in NY. 


  1. These are now blowing everywhere. The Savoy disgust me for allowing clients to behave in this way. They should ban them

  2. I love Art Deco, I love the Savoy, and I love the French.

    What to do?

    1. Ask the Savoy not to allow clients to use its name to promote events....simple. Do you really think it French to plaster our streets? Of course not. The French would think it crude and tasteless.
      And, anyone who loves the 'made over; Savoy must be vulgar. Thirty years ago it was the world's most beautiful hotel: now it looks like a garish prostitute,

    2. You can love all these things without resorting to damaging our environment and giving needless work to street cleaning teams. Use your head....

  3. Walton St resident13 December 2015 at 09:57

    It's disgusting. I live in Walton Street and these leaflets are blowing everywhere.
    Shame on the Savoy for allowing clients to ruin our streets. And that silly person who justifies it by saying they like Art Deco, the Savoy and the French must be stupid. What has that to do with littering the roads? 05:50.
    It's this sort of activity that is bad pr for the French, the hotel and art deco!

  4. yes, indeed frequented by nuveau-riche indolent jet setters...The place has become nothing but an over priced cafe....anyway, not my stop...don't have the dosh to squander even on Earl Grey.... Stop the flyer pollution

  5. The Dame should instead contact Sébastien Bazin, CEO of AccorHotels. The Paris-based group (UK HQ in Hammersmith) last week bought Fairmont Hotels. She might also wish to ask him to restore The Savoy's currently tacky public rooms to something in keeping with the pile's glorious Art Deco spirit. I do, however, appreciate seamless service and well-executed cocktails at its Beauchamp Bar, a heroically OTT gold and jet salon that might be a set by Dolce & Gabbana for a Ferrero Rocher TV commercial.


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