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Saturday, 2 January 2016


The Dame is very concerned about Danny Boys Moylan's future finances.
Thinned down finances as well....
His current income depends on Boris Johnson handing him sinecures.
When Boris quits being Mayor the patronage ends..... 

.....and so does the £120,000 or so a year Moylan collects.
Whoever wins; Khan or Goldsmith, will quickly bring their own people in. Danny will be jobless.

Danny is up to his old, autocratic ways. To give him something to do after the Boris Island cockup Boris has made him chair of the Nine Elms Bridge Design Committee. Naturally enough, he was invited to attend a meeting organised by protesting residents.
On 9th December over 200 objectors held their meeting to protest that the bridge would destroy Pimlico's last piece of green space.

Danny didn't have the good manners to turn up; rather he sent a dismissive message saying he was absolutely confident that there will be extensive consultation on the proposal both informally by the promoter and in due course formally as the powers are obtained to construct it’. 
Not if, you will note, but as.
The Moylan way of building bridges with taxpayers.....
The fact that he was probably at his luxury Thai beachside villa is no excuse for blatant bad manners.

You would have thought he would remember what happened when he bullied residents over the destruction of Sloane Square....he was sent away with a kick up his ample backside.
Thai Villa
Moylan should look to his record. 
By now he should be in the Commons. Why is he not? 
Because his inability to lead and inspire has blown his political capital.

A good brain wasted through lack of humility.


  1. Friend of Moylan2 January 2016 at 12:34

    It is so unkind to attack Daniel Moylan for his time spent in Thailand. His visits to his villa in Thailand allow him to reconnect with the youth of the area, without all the sordid innuendo that some British press may make from such contacts.

    1. Its not a villa. Its a penthouse in Pat Pong

  2. Councillor Moylan is a great public servant who has served his country in Africa, the residents of Kensington and Chelsea, and London. The constant inuendo about his predilections is unwarranted as nothing has ever been proved publicly about his time in Africa or in Thailand.

    1. oh,aw...nice one here...Why were these 'inuendos' ever started?

  3. Were Cllr 'Buffy' Buckmaster and Cllr 'Boyo' Moylan old African hands together?

    1. Of course they were. And a historical cornerstone of the Hornton Street boys mafia. Buffy was canny in Africa and never got caught out. But Moylan was his usual arrogant self and assumed that he could get up anything and cock a snoot. Of course it all ended in tears and he had to be rushed out of S Africa by the British Embassy. Red faces and apologies all round.

      Deeply flawed character.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Supporter of Moylan2 January 2016 at 19:50

    Best Leader the Royal Borough never had

  5. It was fortunate that good sense prevailed. Moylan is disruptive and not an effective political operator. This is why he got so badly beaten up when he tried to stand on two occasions. Sadly your judgment of the man is as flawed as the man himself.

  6. 'As the powers are obtained to construct it' you say? Isn't that just telling it like it is? Unlike those Rotten Boro reptiles that affect to heed residents' views, having yet again predetermined to do a developer's bidding.

    1. Moylan said the same thing about a Crossrail station in Chelsea. Consultation is not a referendum! One worries its not a consultation either.
      Sloane Square, Crossrail, Pimlico bridge and always on the wrong side - sad really.

  7. what a complete and utter gobshite


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