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Thursday, 10 December 2015


There has been a drought of news from motormouth, Michael 'Foxy' Volpe of Opera Holland Park.
The Dame would like to know what's going on; especially on the sponsorship front.
But, more importantly, how are Volpe and the new chairman, Charles Mackay gelling? 
They are, after all, cut from very different cloth.
Real Hard Man
Faux Hard Man
Volpe never stops telling us how authentically working class he is. 
Could Mackay be thoroughly bored hearing about Foxy's working class hero tales?
But let's cut to the chase.
1. Has Volpe secured sponsorship: there has been a deafening silence
2. Has the Council handed over the £5 million of our dosh to Foxy?
3. Are Investec still sponsoring? It doesn't seem so judging from their website section on sponsorship.


  1. Obviously a sad day if the Holland Park Opera venture fails. But a lesson to the Hornton Street puffers who for years have fancied themselves as opera buffs (opera? what that?) at the expense of the Council Tax payer. £10million over the years plus the £5 million bung to get shot of the bastard child.

    This was the only civic opera in the land and it seems to have collapsed at the first test of the market. Councillors must learn to keep out of business. Opera, Chelsea Care, the Hornton Street Credit Card. They do not have a clue.

    Stick to representing residents.

  2. I will miss my evening distractions in the summer evenings

  3. Mackay and Volpe look like a strange pair. A very strange pair indeed.

    This team unlikely to gel

  4. Volpe's spending his time bigging up his memoirs.Also worh bearing in mind there's a vacancy at ENO too!


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