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Thursday, 17 December 2015


The battle over Crossrail 2 in Chelsea is hotting up and it seems that a local Flash'er is busy disturbing the sedate residents of the environs of the splendid Royal Avenue.
If you see this creature please inform the Dame.


Dear Dame
There are stories about which may not yet have reached your sensitive ears It concerns a Flash'er recently spotted around Royal Avenue, only just off the King’s Road.

This shameless person has reportedly been exhibiting quite shamelessly in public, with no thought for its impact on more delicately-nurtured and well-brought up neighbours, something you, Dame, being very grand, would find very offensive. 
His open support for certain members of our Council and the very few other proponents of  Transport for London’s planned Crossrail2  station in Chelsea is disgraceful!
Can it be mere coincidence that the site envisaged for the lavatory block for the workers on one of the proposed station worksites is just across the road from Royal Avenue at the bottom of Jubilee Place?
It seems even more offensive that this same Flash'er is apparently personally responsible for delaying the date of the Annual General Meeting of his Residents’ Association  until after January 8th next year: in other words after TfL’s current public consultation closes, in order to avoid  the members’ inevitable vote against the Crossrail station being made public .
Yours in shock


  1. Great to have an active flasher in the Borough. Where can I find him?

  2. Gentleman (retired)17 December 2015 at 12:30

    I am interested too.....

  3. This is astonishing, is this the guy who won't call a resident association meeting but his mate Tim Coleridge is telling all and sundry that they have already voted to support Crossrail? Is this some kind of conspiracy between them? Sounds very dodgy to me.

  4. I read that this guy works in France most of the time but complains about non residents here - is he one? Does he pay tax here? Why is he organising a campaign in Chelsea when he is never here?


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