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Friday, 4 December 2015


A constant in the smooth organisation of Mayoral events is unflappable Jim Babbington. 
Mr Babbington and team ensure the Mayor and Deputy are there where they are meant to be with no fuss.
Another, less well known, Babbington attribute is his fund of stories about the Borough and its history.
His talks are witty and deeply knowledgeable. 
How well he would do on the after-dinner speaking circuit!

The Dame brings up Mr Babbington because, though not present, she heard last night's Carol Service was a perfect example of his excellent organisation.

This resident was present and wrote...

Dear Dame
I had the pleasure of attending the beautiful carol service held at Our Lady of Victories Church in Kensington last night.
The church was packed and we heard readings from well-known personalities, including the journalist, Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail, and Cerys Matthews, who amused us all with her rendition of Dylan Thomas’s memories of a childhood Christmas in Wales.

The Cardinal Vaughan Sixth Form Choir sung a range of traditional carols with spirit and skill.
Marie Macklin's wonderful voice resonated throughout the church.

But, for me, the most interesting part was the short talks given by Professors Martin Gore and Timothy Evans of the Royal Marsden and Royal Brompton Hospital respectively.
It showed how successfully the two hospitals work together in the never-ceasing work of defeating lung cancer.

As the Mayor said, “ lung cancer results in more deaths than any other form of cancer and is not confined to smokers”.

The evening ended with a reception in the Crypt, drawing a wonderful evening to a close. 
The added pleasure was knowing we were supporting such cutting-edge cancer research.

Yours faithfully


  1. RETIRED CHIEF EXECUTIVE4 December 2015 at 15:42

    Yes, thoroughly agree....but don't overlook the Mayor and his good work. Cllr Freeman should have been made mayor years ago and the fact he wasn't says much about RBK&C's past leadership. I don't even raise the madness of keeping out of the Cabinet: an absolute waste of a first class mind.

  2. Dame, please report Syrian vote of Victoria Borwick & Greg Hands as they voted not in the interest of their Kensington & Chelsea constituents

    1. Why don't you set up your own blog dedicated to attacking Borwick?
      I helped organise the Carol Service. Can't you use another thread if you want to be disruptive?

  3. Kensington and Chelsea's polluted air is responsible for an enormous amount of lung disease, including cancer. It's high time the council started working on reducing such dangers. A good start would be the Westway elevated roadway, whack kills 75 people die every single year from lung diseases. The air near the Westway contains 2.5 times the contaminant levels permitted by the EU. This matter has been ignored by ownersTfL, their tenants RBKC and the council's tenants Westway Trust. All three organisations repeatedly fail in their duty to residents.

    1. Frankly, I cannot see what the polluted air has to do with our Christmas Cheer....You should address your concerns to TFL/Golden Boris...

  4. At last a happy story. Jim Babbington is a legend, unflappable, kind, considerate, cares about his job and us residents. He is sadly one of the few decent officers left following the tri borough cull. Cllr Freeman is also a decent chap and should be Leader.

    1. History has proved that 'Leaders' are NOT decent chaps....

  5. Because Jim Babbington comes from an era when local government offices were of exceptionally high calibre. Sadly, there are few of the likes of Mr Babbington.
    I have heard his talks on K&C from days long gone by. Absolutely scintillating stuff

  6. LONG TIME RESIDENT4 December 2015 at 20:38

    Robert Freeman is far too much of a gentleman to push himself forward so creeps like Pooter Cockell somehow and unworthily shoved himself forward.
    Freeman was uniquely well qualified being the only one with any high status position in the professional world. What a waste of talent! And not one of Cockell's pathetic cabinet colleagues dared fight for Freeman.

  7. It as a truly lovely evening; all the readers were excellent and Cerys Matthews was quite exceptional. Well done Jim and Mr. Mayor for presiding over the event.

  8. Jim Babbington is the best thing that ever happened to the Royal Borough

  9. For those who know the workings of The Mayor's Parlour, Jim's contribution, not only his own but the other members of his team, is invaluable. Calm, tactful, brilliant ceremony organisation, everything we could wish for. And his predecessor, Roger Barker, set the standard. Now just retired, he had become the oracle among London Mayors' Secretaries to whom they came for advice on difficult problems. Jim lives near Guildford but is always there on time in the morning even if there was a late night the previous evening, as so often happens in his job.


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