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Thursday, 3 December 2015


Every so often the Dame reads something so moving she feels the need to share.
This time, it's not about the dreary machinations of local government.

Every year thousands of us receive a Winter Fuel Allowance. Most of us don't need it. 
This year the Dame has decided to give hers to help Ruth and Bruce Dundas raise money for their unique Louis Dundas Centre....something really heart warming.

Their beautiful little four year old boy, Louis, lost his young life to a brain tumour. From the traumatic experience of looking after him Ruth came to realise that in the final, painful stages, palliative care was difficult to access.
The loss of Louis led Ruth and Bruce to found the Louis Dundas Centre for Palliative Care. 
It's aim is to revolutionise paediatric care treatment by funding world-leading research and establishing a gold standard of clinical practice.
It is an amazing commemoration of the short life of a very special little boy.

The Louis Dundas Centre is particularly focused on the illness experience, pain and symptom management and difficult decision-making about care and treatment.
As Ruth movingly put it “I was a mother watching my child die, and I had dozens of questions and yet I couldn’t ask them because I couldn’t say the words out loud: I didn’t have the courage"
Please read all about the Centre by clicking on LOUIS

Some of us need a Winter Fuel Allowance....most of us in K&C don't. 
All of us have charitable priorities, but maybe you will think about this very special charity and donate your Allowance.


  1. I will send my WFA to this brilliant charity

  2. The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation already collects and distributes funds in this good cause and I, for one, have already sent my £300 to them, as I have done for several years.

    1. As has the Dame. It's just that this year the appeal for the Louis Dundas Centre pulled on her heart strings

  3. The K&C Foundation looks like a very good cause, although I don't see the Louis Dundas Centre listed as a beneficiary in the latest accounts on their website (March 2014).

    Note that the chairman of the foundation's trustees is none other than our cabinet member for planning transport and leisure, so perhaps he's not as bad an egg as Chelsea residents might feel as they face the tidal wave of his plans for the area.

  4. Its a great idea. The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation do fantastic work locally. They help raise the profile of local charities who are linked with potential donors and volunteers. In fact some of our Local Councillors should do a days work experience with the Foundation to understand the community they are supposed to represent and to see what true community spirit is about.


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