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Saturday, 26 December 2015


The Dame is frequently asked why Cllr Rock Feilding Mellen, the teenage deputy leader of K&C, doesn't go to Trumpers to get his hair cut; as one reader commented, "it looks like an African bird's nest".
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But what concerns the Dame is Rocky's lack of experience in 'matters housing.'

For some years, he and his two partners have struggled to make a go of pretentiously named development company, Socially Conscious Capital. 
Though it pretends to be something ethical it is, by any other name, a developer.

It has just two failing projects:

Longniddry, East Lothian
Racecourse Plantations

The Socially Conscious Capital website spouts a lot of nonsense about 'working with the community'.
Sadly, it seems not to be working. Read the waffle HERE
Longniddy is owned by Rocky's stepfather, the affable and kind-hearted Earl of Wemyss & March, so you would think getting the yokels to 'engage' with Rocky would be a cinch....not so!
With one voice they told Rocky they needed him like a hole in the head telling him to take himself back south.
Local reports suggest that Rocky flew into a major tantrum.

So what about Racecourse Plantations?
Sadly, Rocky seems again to have evoked the wrath of the local bumpkins. Though not mentioned on the website, it seems his attempt to build 390 socially conscious housing units on ancient woodlands got kicked into touch.
You can  read about it HERE
So not much of a record for persuading local and yokels to take him seriously!

And this leads us on to the PROBLEM. 

Rocky has Borough responsibility for housing and regeneration.
There are two solid reasons why he is ill-equipped for the role.
1. He pisses off those he is supposed to be persuading by constantly losing his temper when thwarted or challenged
2. His private business track record to date is risible.

Oddly, the website says this about Rocky's local government expertise. Frankly, he should not be mixing up his roles in this way: it looks as if he is using his council job to aid his private business.

Political: local planning authorities – who set the planning policies and ultimately make the decisions – are political organisations. It's therefore necessary to understand the local political climate when putting together a proposal. 
Rock Feilding-Mellen, who has over eight years' experience as a local government Councillor, applies his knowledge of local politics to guiding the planning strategy for our sites.

A casual read suggests Rocky's local government housing experience is an advantage...
Based on the record, not for Socially Conscious Capital......


  1. Are you suggesting, my dear Dame, that Cllr Feilding Mellen, who earns £47k a year as a councillr, uses his position to convince potential SCC clients that he knows how to 'work the system'? This is an accusation of gravity and I would advise Cllr Feilding Mellen to consult his lawyers.

    1. Rock is obviously a councillor in his attempt to build credibility for his non start company. Lets hope that the company goes bust which will remove his motivation to waste the time of residents, council tax payers and all and sundry in Hornton Street.

      He badly needs a haircut.

    2. Follower of Phelps26 December 2015 at 19:37

      Barry considered Rock an attractive boy but unfortunately found nothing to offer him

  2. We have examined the Social Website which fails to mention the family predilection for drilling holes in their heads. This is a shortcoming which we as principal suppliers of equipment would like to mention.

    1. Bosch Power Drills26 December 2015 at 18:33

      Our new impact drill can do the job in half the time.

  3. This guy is a serious idiot. Cut from the same cloth as bird brain Cllr Elizabeth Campbell ("Holland Park School cost nothing"). To safeguard family finances her cheque book and credit cards were cancelled. The Earl needs to take a leaf out of Mr Campbell's good sense and stop bank rolling his step son. It is a pointless task and the mother has been indulged enough. The time comes.......

  4. Responsibility for the whole Fielding-Mellen saga in the Royal Borough is down to social climbing Pooter Cockle. Posh boys always made the reptile tremble at the knees.

  5. Do not under estimate the political cunning of Cllr Fielding-Mellen. Rock sucked up to Cllr Cockell when he was Leader of K&C and was the beneficiary of considerable patronage. Pooter was infatuated with the pretty boy. But Pooter's demise created a crisis for self important Rock who saw the opportunity in a two horse succession race (Paget-Brown v Moylan) to stand as a third candidate and split the vote.

    Of course he came a distant third. A VERY distant third. But sufficient votes to cause a major wobble in the Paget-Brown camp who saw the spectre of a Moylan Leadership. And so the deal was done. Rock would withdraw as candidate in return for a promise of Deputy Leader. And then Moylan caved in.

    This is known as wheeler dealing. What a pity that the important post of Deputy Leader is filled with third hand baggage. Of no use to anyone - except Rock

    Pass the sick bag Dame

  6. Phew.

    Birds Nest is getting another cracking good hiding from the hornets. Time for the teenager to get the message

  7. EX WORSHIPFUL MAYOR PHELPS26 December 2015 at 20:26

    Are you inferring that I like pretty, young boys? I will be discussing this with my solicitors, who will no doubt tell me that I don't stand a chance of taking the Dame to the cleaners.
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year from Ledbury

  8. Follower of Birds Nest27 December 2015 at 06:00

    2016 is shaping up as the Rocky Horror Show. Royal Borough style.

    1. Indeed.... should brighten up the dull days ahead....

  9. North Kensington Resident27 December 2015 at 07:25

    Cracking, cracking

  10. Failing property developer is given a post at the council for essentially the same task.Why not get someone who's good!

  11. Really smart thinking of socially conscious capital to send socially unconscious '*ock' to an ex mining community in East Lothian to make friends with the locals. A bit like Nicola Sturgeon turning up at a K and C Conservative meeting.
    I say again 'socially unconscious '.


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