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Thursday, 3 December 2015


Who remembers those long gone days when Danny Boys Moylan tried to abolish Sloane Square?
At the time two Conservative councillors stood against Moylan's brutal plan....Borwick and Coleridge.
Then leader, Pooter Cockell, backed right off when Doctor James Thompson threatened to stand.
It looks like a deja vu situation here. 
If Chris Lenon decided to stand he would demolish any of these incumbents.

Watch now for a fast backtrack...

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  1. 'fraid it will be too late. We missed our chance this year when Cockell stood down. A Sutton Estate based independent stood against the boys with the blue rosettes but most of my fellow voters were too dozy to see the opportunity. I've no doubt that our new councillor Kim Taylor-Smith is a thoroughly good chap, but he will be subject to a whipping if he doesn't toe the line. Meanwhile, the next election will be a long time after all the current contentious issues (Crossrail 2, Sutton Estate, Royal Brompton, Thamesbrook...) have been resolved.

    At the public meeting on Crossrail 2 last month, Cllr Colerdige made some remark along the lines of having been elected to look after the future of Chelsea which prompted quite a few cries from the floor of "resign". Don't hold your breath.

  2. No need to wait until 2018. No 2 Crossrail 2 can have a trial run next May when Councillor Lady (Victoria) Borwick MP AM stands down from her council seat in Abingdon Ward.

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  4. They are well suited to politics.

  5. Unless a boundary change lumps K&C in with Islington, say, we will be lorded over by dismal deluded old duffers and their clueless lackeys in perpetuity. And they know it! Hence, their total contempt of residents' views. Only strong independents can sweep away the Hornton Street dung heap.!


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