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Wednesday, 30 December 2015


In Kensington and Chelsea we have seen what happens when self-important duds are appointed to roles well beyond their capabilities. 
Pooter Cockell was a classic example; silly and vainglorious.

Tragically, the same 'buggin's turn' principle operates at the Environment Agency.
'Lord' Chris Smith, was a third rate politician who needed an income boost so his political friends 'fixed' the Environment Agency job for him.  He failed in that role as he failed in politics.

His overpaid successor, Sir Phillip Dilley is no better. 

Appointed as a mate of Cameron, he has fallen down on the job and should resign.

Over the centuries, Holland has proven it has nothing to learn from anyone about water management.

Harold van Waveren is the water management expert at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. 

What he doesn't know about water management isn't worth knowing.
Without delay, Dilley should be told to stay sunning himself in Barbados and an offer made to Van Waveren to replace him. And no payoff, please.

We never have a problem recruiting capable foreigners to run our industry and should extend the practice to mission critical government agencies.
This is a job too big for dilettantes like Dilley


  1. indeed, we are generally very good in appointing foreigners to manage our football clubs, why not employ experts to run our government...Anyone made offers to Mrs Merkel lately?

  2. Thumping good end to the year from the Dame. Brilliant suggestion to ask the "best in class" Dutch to sort out our flooding problems.

    Most of Holland is underwater but their system of dams and dykes has created a thriving and flood free country. For many years. And they successfully exported this know how to many other countries, especially their colonies.

    Back a brainwave, Dave

  3. EU dredging rules make effective flood prevention in Britain impossible


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