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Saturday, 3 February 2018


My Dear Dame,

Cllr Robert Freeman spoke eloquently and very persuasively.
Some present believe Freeman's intervention put the final nail into the Newcombe Tower coffin.

Cllr Emma Dent-Coad asked a drily witty question which went quite over the head of the developer.

In fact, the developer seemed to labour under the apprehension that Cheryl Saverus, the case officer, was part of his team bouncing by difficult questions over to her to deal with!

Let's hope that the message has finally sunk in that a tower towering over and dominating a Conservation Area will never be accepted by residents.
By the way, young Marshall did rather well....maybe the message has finally sunk in that he who pays the piper calls the tune?


A Hillgate Village Person


  1. The Ward Councillors for Campden (Cllrs Freeman, Ahern and Faulks) need to make a contingency plan to develop an alternative vision for Newcombe House and persuade the Council to implement it, with funding if required. This can be achieved with commercial borrowing as a bridging loan, guaranteed by the Council. And based on competitive selection of an architect using a brief to build low cost housing within the existing height of the tower.

    Here is the type of layout that would produce affordable housing. No gold plated taps and no marble walls.

  2. The Peru idea is rather interesting, although utterly outlandish. Designed to meet not only different climate but also different regulations, if any. I doubt whether these would be as attractive stacked 20 floors high. Indeed a proper sustainable, feasible plan must be produced as an alternative, otherwise RBKC will bulldoze their way through with legal arguments.... and that may go on and on, for ever. So, get your thinking caps on get a move on - sooner the better.

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    6747 Planning permissions given for RBKC. Any of these for Grenfell survivors .

    1. This analysis of buy to let planning permissions in Central London is shocking. Government should outlaw this kind of development and mandate buildings that are matched to society needs. No more gold taps, concierge services and basement swimming pools. If "homes for Londoners" is the only game in town, then developers and financiers will come forward.

  6. K&C Tories should grasp the moment of the Newcombe triumph and start a London movement to bring common sense to City planning. The Hornton Street leadership needs to inspire enough neighbouring Councils to create critical mass.

    This could also be a way to bury the Grenfell story from the headlines. There is an election to win.....

    1. Kensington Tory has a good idea.

      Not sure this has anything to do with Grenfell though

  7. A typical try desire to bury the Grenfell "story" - while hundreds are still not rehoused and thousands are traumatised. Nice one (not).

    1. STOP THE MOMENTUM4 February 2018 at 18:25

      Look, stop bringing Grenfell in at every opportunity; the tragedy has happened and had it been in a Labour Borough(which it could have been) there would have been a massive cover up which is something you Labour louts excel at. Stop using Grenfell for purposes of political opportunism: you should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. When councils screw up with such devastating consequences they should be called to account - nothing shameful in doing that.

      And whether or not Labour may have been more despicable (is that even possible?) is neither here nor there - people need to be alerted to the rot at the heart of our local governments and if it takes political opportunism to do that, then so be it.

    3. "you Labour louts" "you should be ashamed" "a way to bury the Grenfell story from the headlines. There is an election to win....."

      The well known psychological effect of projection, whereby what is repellent in oneself is flung at another is beautifully embodied by the right wingers here.

      Forget 70+ children, women, men and sundry pets being incinerated or suffocated to death: only by erasing this internationally important event can we win, and winning is all that matters, not serving.

      You may not be ashamed, but you're sickeningly shameful. You're also incredibly parochial. Grenfell remains in the news worldwide as an example of greedy, inept, venal little men and women who remain willing to allow people to die in order to hold on to petty bits of power.



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