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Friday, 23 February 2018


Judging from Tax Free's report on the Consultation on Clarion's plans for Sutton Estate the planning officer to brief himself.
Mr. Stallwood needs to pull this officer up sharp....unbriefed and unknowing is not what we expect from taxpayer funded planning staff.

We attended the "Consultation" meeting at St Lukes this evening. 

An interesting and concerned gentleman from Earls Court who considers the original Sutton Estate to be an excellent model of affordable housing told us NOT to engage with any Clarion representatives, reason being they notch it up as number, fulfilling their consultation process.

The Planner in attendance (a resident of Wimbledon) who had been representing Clarion for 10 years in their planning matters with RBKC, when asked:

1. Had no idea who the CEO of Clarion was "I don't know about things like that" he replied.

2. Had no idea how many private properties Clarion planned to put on the market replacing affordable housing on the Sutton Estate "I can't remember, plans have changed" he replied.

3. Had no idea what the annual turn over and profit of Clarion was "I don't know about things like that, Clarion have Charity status", he replied.

4. Had no idea of the total value of the private properties which were planned to replace Sutton Estate "I don't know, its probably in the projection somewhere" he replied.

5. When asked why the bathrooms and kitchens had been smashed up to vacate part of Sutton Estate by the management company, the planner said "I saw something about that on social media, but I don't know".

6. When told about the development view and throw away comment "most of the tenants will all be dead by the time the work is done". His reply was "yes sadly one of the residents speaking in favour of the regeneration plans died recently".

In conclusion its the same old, same old - RBKC money over lives and death to social cohesion


  1. Interesting Radio 4 programme on Sutton Estate & Clarion not wishing to be interviewed claiming the 'regeneration' is not about profit.

  2. Yes indeed 16:49 . To continue .../...

    There was a toothless lady representing Clarion that evening from Kent, she said there was "no argument" and the new housing/regeneration was to advance and enhance the social scheme of housing at Sutton Estate which she said is no longer fit for habitation. (Not when the bathrooms and kitchens have been smashed up by the management company thats for sure!)

    The uninformed planning officer referred to in my earlier report, representing Clarion said the same as the toothless lady from Kent, "The Sutton Estate flats are no longer fit or suitable for habitation". Saying bathrooms were now on balconies, "People didn't have bathrooms when the Sutton Estate was built" he continued!

    I asked him if he knew about people being "decanted" from Sutton Estate to Grenfell and had died in the fire. "Oh I think I saw something about that on Social Media" he replied "But I don't know!"

    I explained the messy workings of RBKC; overdevelopment, empty luxury flats and a general squeezing and loss of all things good for middle and lower echelon citizens of the Borough. He claimed he had no clue of any of that as he lived in Wimbledon and he was just involved in representing Clarion. "Do people want what you proposing?" I asked and even after several minutes of err.....err.....err brain searching, he was dumbfounded and unable to find an answer at all. The answer is clearly NO.

    If the Sutton Estate "regeneration" was not about profit, there would be NO private flats and it would ALL be social housing. The true story of this is all in the proposed contract and the projected figures, who is doing the analysis?

    According the planning officer The London Mayor has given £16 million to the "regeneration" project and the rest of the money will come from the sale of the private flats.

    1. Thanks for elaborating that makes sense now. Sutton estate might be Sadiq Khan's Garden Bridge.

      Hope Dent-Coad will wade in on this.

    2. The 'toothless lady ' turned to my kid and it started to cry . Who is the old crone ?

    3. I actually thought there was a Halloween Party in St Luke's.

  3. Where is Greg Hands in all this? This is in HIS constituency!

    He must see there is no political profit in staying quiet and he has the ability to garner votes for the local Conservatives by standing with the residents of the estate.

    Hands appears to be obsessed with Fulham and has no clue what is going on in Chelsea; tweeting about parking meters and his mother getting a ticket.

    Kim Taylor-Smith must also do the same if he standing again in Stanley Ward otherwise it signals nothing has really changed in the ward, constituency and borough.

    For local residents who do not live on the estate are not in favour of this either. Local Conservatives have to signal their intentions soon before the local election rears its head.

    1. Its quite clear Greg has no time for social housing tenants .

  4. If the Mayor of London is putting money into this project then it must be the subject of a ballot of residents before anything happens.

  5. Seems if this is about regeneration the bathrooms and water pipes just need fixin. I'm sure all of us in the borough would love to muck in and help, we will not need 16 million stirling to get it done.

  6. Take Back Democracy24 February 2018 at 07:16

    Institutions are collections of rules and norms agreed upon by human beings. If leaders attack, denigrate and abuse them, they will be weakened. There has been, for many years, an insidious attack on our system of Governance in Kensington and Chelsea by the ruling Party - to such an extent that we have ended up with sad and disgraceful case studies such as the Sutton Estate. And many more.

    It is time for us to wake up and take back democracy.

  7. It appears Clarion are not aware of the Fire in the North of the Borough in June last Year . Perhaps Clarion should have a chat with you 'friendly 'social cleanser Rock Fielding Mellon.

  8. The treatment and stalking of those resident not wishing to go along with Clarions plans is disgusting . This was not a Consultation but an attempt to subvert the planning process. They should be locked up . Is there anyone who regulates these not for social purpose organizations such as Clarion . They seem to have forgotten that the reason for their existence is residents . They are treating them as G4 would treat prisoners .

  9. 4 million quid spent already on this project to destroy a Community . Wouldn't it have been better to spend that money doing the place up and providing people with the homes they need. Why are Clarion obsessed with social cleansing. Its a bit like the Nazi's being put in charge of a synagogue . Why is Greg Hands allowing his Community to be sold off to oversea's hedge funds which will turn the place into a Ghost Town . Dent Coad too busy to bother.

    1. It's not in Dent Coad's constituency, it is in Greg Hands but he washes his hands of this sought of thing.

  10. A local elderly person in The Sheltered Housing block says they hope death come sooner after the constant badgering by Clarion staff before this 'consultation '. Constantly being asked if they want ' a nice shiny new flat ' and to tick the top box in the Consultation . Their life is a misery as the constant threat of their home and memories being destroyed .' I fought in the war to keep our country free and now they want to sell my house to some bloody foreigner - what did i fight for - I'd rather die than put up with this ' Still they are pretty good at killing off social housing tenants in RBKC.

  11. Surely after Grenfell - social housing in RBKC should be viewed as a whole by all our local MP's and councillors.

  12. What have you ever done for us, you moaning state-dependees ?

  13. People are paid increasingly poor wages so that shareholders and senior executives can live high on the hog. Without social housing there would be no poor people around to keep London running and the money coming in. Think about it before you call them state dependees - it is the rich who depend on state subsidies for their profits.

  14. What are the Labour Party saying about this?

  15. With the forthcoming local elections isn't there a political opportunity here?


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