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Saturday, 24 February 2018


A reader writes to the Dame....


I once met London Assembly member, Shaun Bailey

What an ordeal!
For an hour he never drew breath.
Not once did he ask an opinion of his listeners and seemed incapable of getting over his brief role telling the impressionable David Cameron how to manage inner-city issues.

Engaging in debate is not this guy’s forte!

There’s something of  the mytho/egomaniac  about Bailey.
He revels in playing the 'boy made good' from a sink estate: those who know the backstory suggest the reality is rather different.
He’s paid nearly £1000 a week to work on behalf of Londoners-a salary he would never achieve outside local government.
Anyway, he’s not very good at paying attention to those he is supposed to represent. 

I have has sent Bailey three emails without the courtesy of a reply. 
The emails concerned toxic air pollution-a particular issue in N. Kensington where he hails from.
You can telephone other London Assembly members; not Mr Bailey.
He prefers to be undisturbed.

Others have complained about his private communication skills.

Mr. Bailey has climbed far up the greasy political pole by dwelling on the fact that he is black.
He needs to look to the examples of Bim Afolami and Kwasi Kwarteng.
Both are black and both would never dream of using the colour of their skin to garner votes.

Do your job, Mr Bailey and deal with those you represent.

On the same subject of lack of contact with voters, Cllrs Weale and Pascall also have a reputation for not bothering to reply to residents.
Don't vote for them in May.


  1. He is earning more than £1,000 a week plus expenses.

    Weale and Pascall are too grand to deal with Residents. To be fair except for Council Will all the Cabinet are too grand to deal with Residents. Councillor Campbell just does what ‘Coms’ tell her to do.

  2. No doubt drawn to RBKC's gravy train just like the rest!

  3. Representatives need to learn the lesson that their job is to be approachable, to listen, to engage and to be available. There have been outstanding examples such as Cllr Gardiner, Cllr Borwick, Cllr Freeman, Cllr Paget-Brown and even disgraced ex MP Rifkind. At the very least they were always courteous. Unfortunately the Royal Borough has also been afflicted by a long list of self obsessed troughers who exhibit disdain for their residents. Names that come to mind include Cllr Weale, disgraced ex Cllr Cockel, Cllr dizzy Campbell, and Cllr Pascall.

    It is very sad that Shaughn Bailey chooses to associate himself with the latter group. A pox on him.

  4. Very short sighted behaviour by Bailey since he has applied to be the next MP for Kensington. The boy is walking on egg shells.

  5. Is he really going to be the parliamentary candidate for Kensington next time round? To run against EDC? If so, I just hope the Lib Dems put up a decent candidate next time!

    1. Bailey and EDC slugging it out! Can't wait

  6. Some people say that when you behave in the way its described the MP does, eg non stop talking etc, then they may have been on the Bolivian marching powder.


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