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Saturday, 24 February 2018


Dear Dame,

I have been tolerant of abuse heaped upon me, over the years, by 'little people' jealous of my accomplishments.

You have heard I do not intend to stand at the election in May. My reason for not doing so will soon become clear.

But what I find quite insulting is your use of the 'before' images.

"before'I was busy at City Hall, forced to lunch and dine with the great and the good.  
'after' is what I describe as the 'reductionist' part of my life having lost all my sinecures as well as the lunching and dining opportunities.
Contrary to rumours I have not gone 'under the knife'.
The Gorging Years
The Leaner Years
I would be grateful if you could correct the record,

Yours faithfully

Cllr Daniel Moylan RIBA 


  1. This is enough to make anyone feel distinctly queasy!

  2. The Dame should not pander such types.

  3. This blog is descending into horrible personal comments verging on hate crimes (in the NK vernacular).

    I thought trolls like the nasty-minded of yesterday were now despised.

    Please try to elevate your content and the political tone to ideas and concepts and interesting pragmatic policies worthy of intelligent debate.

    The Dame has exposed herself as a caricature out of East-Enders and has nothing but herself and her editorial sensibilties to blame (Cameron self-publicist).

    Please try harder. At least be decent and intellectually rigouous and show some integity......

    1. Cllr Moylan loves publicity - good or bad. He reads the Hornet avidly. It has become a staple diet. And no doubt contributed to the development of his "look".

    2. How DARE you suggest that the Dame watches Eastenders.
      She is a lady of impeccable taste and has never done 'political pragmatism'.....whatever that might be!

    3. 00:21 are you sure not just a little bit pompous? What does this mean....."Please try to elevate your content and the political tone to ideas and concepts and interesting pragmatic policies worthy of intelligent debate."

    4. Mr Weale? Bugger 'orf

  4. Let's be very blunt...

    Daniel Moylan is noted for his crude and insulting manner. Few of his colleagues have been exempted from his bullying, patronising acerbic manner.
    If he doesn't like personal attacks then he needs to mend his way.
    His unpleasant attack on people in lesser positions than he are the talk of London. Many remember how he bought Mr Siddiqui, the mild mannered head of transport to the verge of tears.
    Moylan is a crass bully and deserves all he gets. This blog 00:21 has always been caustic at the expense of jumped up local politicians as Pooter Cockell and oters will attest to.

  5. A Nasty wolf is wearing a new mask... What matters is what has happened under his ghastly demeanour? I would hazard a guess - NIXIE. Actually, he may feel more confident and be more vile

    1. We know what the 'village' did to the wolf.

  6. Is that all of RBKC attracts and is mostly governed by A type personalities?

    Wiki describes the more mild description of an A type:

    Type A and Type B personality theory describes two contrasting personality types.

    In this theory, personalities that are more competitive, highly organized, ambitious, impatient, highly aware of time management and/or aggressive are labeled Type A, while more relaxed personalities are labeled Type B.

  7. Gloves are off. The proles have their eye's on you boy Moylan ! Years of misery by your polices . Run.

    1. Lord Cocky Cockell28 February 2018 at 18:29

      Moylan is of good Brum prole stock


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