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Friday, 9 February 2018


95% of the time drivers asked to turn off their engines whilst stationary do so without demur.

It's rare for intelligent drivers not to understand they are a major contributor to dangerous levels of air pollution by keeping their engines running.

However, some residents just don't care.

A case in point....the lady driving this large and old diesel Range Rover. When asked to turn off her engine she refused.

It's idiots like this who are damaging the health of residents, especially, the very young and very old.
One supposes the dimwit thought her rather vulgar number plate gave her carte blanche to ignore the law.


  1. Asthmatic Person9 February 2018 at 17:38

    What sort of idiotic person drives a massive diesel Range Rover around our congested streets? Answer...some vulgarian with a love of even more vulgar 'personalised' number plates!
    Clear the streets of these trashy people.

  2. The Dame must stop persecuting motorists!

    1. One assumes you mean idiotic Mr Toad's like you?

    2. Utter c*ap.. she is right to do so. It is not only unhealthy, but also VULGAR, should you know the meaning of the word...'Google' may provide the definition...

  3. Great post.

  4. as is usually the case -- the Dame has a point. Motorists tend to be a selfish bunch, with a great sense of entitlement ...

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