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Monday, 19 February 2018


The Dame's investigative team never sleeps as it works tirelessly to uncover the background to Savill's very odd client, Sexylicious Ltd.
The directors of Sexylicious are behind the Heythrop College developer planning budget £9 million flats for oldies like the Dame.
Clearly, the two directors are planning to give the oldies some sexy entertainments using Sexylicious....
The development will clearly need a Cardiac Arrest Unit
The project is being promoted by the shell company "Leonard Kensington Propco Ltd", incorporated 11 months ago. The Directors are Iain Corstorphine (who set up on his own as a consultant 3 yrs ago after working for the Bank of Scotland in property finance, distress and restructuring) 
and Nigel Barnett Harris, a self employed property consultant who operates behind colourfully named companies such as "Sexylicious Ltd", "Shoot From the Hip Ltd", and "Dreamstars Ltd". All registered at 6 Canfield Place NW6.

It gets worse.

Consultants to the project are Savills, who also made the submission to their close friends, the planners in Hornton Street. The Planning Statement is a master of the fop. The now obligatory GP surgery is included (the go to Trojan Horse, as we saw at Newcombe House) and a nurses training facility. Nice one. There is also an "Extra Care Operating Programme" for the infirm. Prepared by no other than Savills!!! I hope that the care plan for my elderly relatives is prepared by medical experts....

Cleverly, Draycott Nursing Care is named as an operator and there is an organisation chart showing the names of their Director and Nursing Staff. Clever. We need to look at the contract to determine just how kosher it is. Lambs to the slaughter.

The Architects are an American Firm, Kohn Pedersen Fox. Rated by Glassdoor as a not very good organisation to work for. They seem to have fairly limited experience in London (52 Lime Street and the Heron Tower).

It is proving difficult to find out who the promoters are. 

But the Dame's team is digging.

But so far the message is clear. Sup with this crowd at our peril. Why would the Royal Borough do business with "Shoot From The Hip" and "Sexylicious"? Supported by Savills.......


  1. This cannot be true. The Dame is making mischief.

  2. It is high time that Hornton Street delivered a message to the developers that major applications should be submitted in an open and above board fashion. The story fronting the Heythrop development is game playing of the most unattractive and dishonest type.

  3. What a can of worms. Rotten worms. Councillors should have none of it. The development is in Queensgate Ward - Cllrs Palmer, Moylan and Mackover. Lets hope they get busy. Of the three, Mackover is the outstanding person. Unfortunately he has decided not stand at the local elections in May. A big loss to K&C so he may not be around for long enough to resist this development.

  4. The Council urgently needs to take a long hard look at housing policy in Kensington and Chelsea. What we have is out of step with society.

  5. Gross, unprofessional, not funny at all - DIKHED INC.?


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