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Saturday, 17 February 2018


In stark contrast to waste of space, Weale is Sof McVeigh, also standing as a Conservative candidate in Brompton and Hans Town together with Walaa Idris.
There is a ? over Idris as she helped organised the dreadful Lightfoot's Mayoral campaign....but that's water under the bridge and the Dame will give her the benefit of the doubt.
So vote for these two....but, not Weale.

Sof has been involved with a few local charities and is evidently well thought of.
One resident even reported Sof actually takes the trouble to spend evenings knocking on doors to get to know ward issues
Fortunately, these two are hard working and caring so will be able to carry the hopeless Weale.
One seasoned and often cynical councillor was especially complimentary about Sof: mind you he does tend to like pretty 'gals'!

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