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Monday, 19 February 2018


Dear Ms Derbyshire

I received the below message from the Kensington Society. What struck me first was the 'closing date' for any comments/objections...  21st January.  
Although the Society states that comments received after this date can be considered RBKC is in no way obliged to consider them.  
This date would suggest that RBKC is sailing far too close to the wind.  
The result is that they can claim that merely a handful of objections were received. 
Comments submitted to RBKC's 'Planning Dept', are NOT subject to independent scrutiny or audit.  These can be manipulated by RBKC as it feels fit, without any fear of retribution, as there is NONE.
Who knows what vested interests exist between the 'Planning Dept', Councillors, Savills, who are heavily involved in property deals with RBKC, specifically Councillor Paget-Brown (secret sales of Grenfell leaseholds, without offering the vacant properties to those on the vast Housing List.)
What is interesting is that RBKC has not learned.  
They are hiding behind 'care home' development for the rich, to push through this Planning Application. 
Due to the nature of the 'use', the unidentified developer is in NO WAY obliged to provide the much needed 'affordable' housing...including 'care homes' and 'sheltered accommodation' for the needy residents of RBKC.
I am also writing to the CQC to get their definition of a 'care home'.
Can anything be done about this?
with kind regards
A Resident

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