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Friday, 16 February 2018


No, she 's not a prison warder from Holloway but if you live in Brompton & Hans Town ward you could be forgiven for not knowing she's Cllr Weale, your long time ward councillor: after all, not only does she live miles away but is never seen in the Ward. As for answering emails...forget it. She doesn't 'do' contact.

Cllr Weale revels in displaying her contempt for residents. 
It was she who famously said of protesting residents,"we hear, but don't listen".
But, having been 'let go' from a job insurance broking Weale managed to wangle a Cabinet job at £45,000 a year.
Evidently, the councillor is not just never seen in her ward but rarely ever in Hornton Street.
If you a Brompton & Hans Town ward voter don't vote for this lazy, insolent woman.


  1. It is staggering that Cllr Weale has been allowed to continue in office. It highlights all that is wrong with the current Tory group.

  2. Mr Shameless Nameless17 February 2018 at 09:06

    It's exactly this sort of patronage of useless people that damages the ruling party.
    Yes, Labour and Lib Dem do it when they have control but we are discussing K&C.
    I hear that another useless dimwit, Cllr Pascall is looking to unseat Dizzy Lizzie.
    As that old perv, ex cllr Phelps would say, " you could not make it up"!

  3. You should be sorry for Councillor Weale she has a job four days a week and can only give half a day a week for her cabinet job. So there is no time for the Ward.

  4. Seems like there is no time for the Cabinet either!

  5. This is a very unfair portrayal of Mary Weale. She has helped hundreds of people over three decades many with complex needs who needed help with the council. She also was one of the best lead members for adult social care and respected everywhere. Those who write unpleasant things about Mary clearly know nothing about her.

    1. Is that right?

    2. I have no axe to grind and am not related. Mary has not helped hundreds of people: she has helped millions.
      In fact, if she were a Catholic she would be in danger of beatification.

    3. If what you say is true rather odd than none of the 'hundreds of people' have come on to the Hornet to protest on her behalf. I think you are a liar

  6. Well, we assume that Ms Weale is a Councillor of our dear Dame's stomping ground. Now, is the Dame's wonderful opportunity to mobilise all her crones and get this ghastly women out of the office of influence....I would not know, but think that she is more fit for an office of 'effluence' rather than 'influence'.. dear readers you ponder.


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