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Tuesday, 20 February 2018


A property professional writes.....

With regard to Conservation Areas, the Council’s Local Plan (at 34.3.24) states: “There have been examples of buildings being allowed to deteriorate, followed by demolition. The Council will take all appropriate measures available to it to ensure that that there is no incentive for such action.” Unfortunately this policy does not apply to the Sutton Estate, a late Edwardian housing estate much valued for its social housing and architectural cohesion, as it lies just outside the Chelsea Conservation Area. The developer’s proposal to demolish the Estate, which it justified on grounds of deterioration for which the developer itself had been responsible, aroused a storm of opposition; but the planning officers’ report of November 2016 made no objection to the proposed demolition (though it rejected the proposal for other reasons). Once again, the Architectural Appraisal Panel was cited in support. The developer has appealed to the Planning Inspectorate, and we fear that the officers’ approval of the demolition will be used by the Planning Inspectorate – or by the developer under a subsequent proposal – to push the demolition through.


  1. Same old same old ....nothing has changed after Grenfell. Corporate Multinationals crushing local residents for what? Overseas buyers to turn our neighborhoods into ghost towns .

  2. We attended the "Consultation" meeting at St Lukes this evening.

    An interesting and concerned gentleman from Earls Court who considers the original Sutton Estate to be an excellent model of affordable housing told us NOT to engage with any Clarion representatives, reason being they notch it up as number, fulfilling their consultation process.

    The Planner in attendance (a resident of Wimbledon) who had been representing Clarion for 10 years in their planning matters with RBKC, when asked:

    1. Had no idea who the CEO of Clarion was "I don't know about things like that" he replied.

    2. Had no idea how many private properties Clarion planned to put on the market replacing affordable housing on the Sutton Estate "I can't remember, plans have changed" he replied.

    3. Had no idea what the annual turn over and profit of Clarion was "I don't know about things like that, Clarion have Charity status", he replied.

    4. Had no idea of the total value of the private properties which were planned to replace Sutton Estate "I don't know, its probably in the projection somewhere" he replied.

    5. When asked why the bathrooms and kitchens had been smashed up to vacate part of Sutton Estate by the management company, the planner said "I saw something about that on social media, but I don't know".

    6. When told about the development view and throw away comment "most of the tenants will all be dead by the time the work is done". His reply was "yes sadly one of the residents speaking in favour of the regeneration plans died recently".

    In conclusion its the same old, same old - RBKC money over lives and death to social cohesion!

  3. Not a Consultation - too many unanswered questions .

  4. They have been no lesson here from Grenfell - still treating residents like 'dog shit' on their shoe.

  5. Con Artists - not listening again - they lie - we tell the truth !

  6. Resident Consultation - HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA


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