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Thursday, 22 February 2018


Andrew Moffat is a puffed up, greasy ex-fund manager.
He and his harridan of a wife, Charlotte, now develop properties. 
Fortunately their last is proving a real disaster LINK and the Islamic bank lender is now breathing down Moffat's brass neck.


Moffat's other sideline is pissing off the boat owners at Cadogan and Chelsea Yacht & Boat Company Moorings.
The Dame hears that he has employed the vile Mishcon de Reya to serve notices to terminate on the boat owners of Chelsea Yacht and Boat Company moorings. 

For years boat owners at CYBC have been guided by their insurer's requirement for drydocking which involved inspections at ten-year intervals.
In the weeks before Christmas Moffat decided to play a nasty little trick on the boat owners. 
He discovered he could insist on three-yearly inspections!

Knowing it would be impossible to organise over Christmas and the New Year he gave boat owners thirty days' notice to drydock or be served with termination notices.

When the boat owners’ lawyers complained to CYBC about threats of eviction, it got the curt reply that termination is not the same as eviction.  
On 6th February, CYBC served eviction notices, telling boatowners it wants them gone by 10th March.  Those boat owners have each owned their boats for an average of 21 years.

As the ink was still drying on the eviction notices, the PLA allowed CYBC to tie its own dry dock to a barge in the middle of the river.

No one quite knows why the PLA colluded in this way but the dry dock sank and now lies on the riverbed posing a serious health and safety hazard to passing boats.


  1. There will always be reptiles like Moffat and his dreadful wife who, driven by greed, disrupt the lives and hopes of communities that have been settled and living happily for many years. They will get what is due to them in the fullness of time and may it be a dreadful and ruthless settlement.

    In the meantime the Council needs to marshal it resources, be creative, and shield its residents and tax payers from this vermin.

    The Leader needs to take the lead.

  2. Prime spot for property development on Cheyne Walk. Moffat looking to make a killing with buy to leave. Inconvenient boat owners, legally moored, in the way of his greed. This is what happens when capitalism is uncontrolled. A free for all in favour of the bad guys.

    If Hornton Street was any use at all it would be figuring out how to prevent this kind of abuse and also stamping it out when it occurs.

    Do we hope for too much?

  3. Developers have exploited the Thames river frontage over the past 20 years, high rise shanty stretch for miles, creating more empty, unoccupied luxury flats.

    Who cares to do something about it? RBKC seems to be run by a small minority of self serving property developers, wrapped up in the business.

    The Dame documents this on a daily basis and still nothing is done.

    Talk about banging your head against a brick wall.

  4. Property spiv who owes millions cuts up rough with his tenants

    Just like Rachman

  5. WHY IS K&C LOCAL GOVERNMENT SILENT ON ISSUES LIKE THIS?????? Just like they could not be bothered to listen to the Grenfell residents for years before the predicted disaster happened.

  6. Disturbing and highly unethical David vs Goliath situation, agree with the above comment that this is what happens when capitalism is uncontrolled. The Thames continues to reluctantly relinquish its character and communities to tycoons entirely focused on the bottom line. So profoundly disappointing.

  7. With wealth comes responsibility.

  8. Appalling!! Once again London is being robbed of its character and it's residents shoved aside for the sake of a buck. Disgraceful!!

  9. Once again greedy big bullies with large wallets take over London and the Thames and in turn our history let alone the impact on those who have lived there for years. This is an outrage and how any of those involved can sleep at night is beyond me.

  10. BOATS need to be looked at regularly as they go places using motors or sails and sometimes carry cargo or people. A permanently moored serviced residential houseboat, essentially a wooden or metal bucket into which someone has built a chattel dwelling, has only one thing in common with a BOAT - that it sometimes floats if on a tidal mooring and sometimes sits on the mud. Inspection to the standards needed by insurers have long been accepted as on mooring diver assessments using ultrasound. This had been the case at CY&BC for years until Moffat decided to change things. Hazards faced by houseboats are only those of the local boating experts and mad bus drivers who ignore the spped limits and the state of the tide.

  11. Skills of the local boating experts are demonstrated first, as mentioned above, by the sinking of their old drydock creating a navigation hazard. Second, by once bringing a houseboat back to the mooring tied alonside the tug in a choppy cross tide, so stupid you can't believe it. The entire side of the houseboat was wrecked smashing all the windows. Another time a part of the whole mooring carried away taking a number of houseboats down river. Luckily someone was there to call the Coastguard who tied it all up again. While there they commented on the skills of those experly mooring all the boats but I cannot repeat what they said. The expert PLA on the other hand thinks its is all fine. The piece de resistance is undoubtedly the day they were to deliver a brand new boat they had put together and sank it to the chagrin of the intending new owner who had to wait until it was repaired.

  12. Outraged and Resident are right but lack data. RBK&C at Hornton Street is not spectacularly useful BUT they are the Freehold owner of all of the property occupied by CY&BC as a commercial Tenant. This puts them in a position of power but they have refused to exercise it. The only serious commercial asset of CY&BC is the River Works Licence they have from the PLA which empowers them to offer a mooring service on a designated patch of mud in the River Thames. The patch is in two separate bits because the titles of the river bank properties say the gap can never be filled with moored boats.

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