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Monday, 19 February 2018


Barely a week passes without the horrifying news of some vicious fatal or near fatal assault on a baby or toddler.
A baby facing amputation

These attacks often seem to be perpetrated by parents or family members.
This murderous crime wave seems to have gained momentum over the last several years; in the past, it would have been a rarity.

Today we read of a baby, a few months into its little life yet treated with such brutality by its parents that both legs require amputation.
Millions of pounds are spent on social services yet despite this huge investment officers seem incapable of protecting these little innocents. 

Even more shocking is how clueless politicians are about defending these vulnerable children from their wicked families. 


  1. It gets to the stage that parents are assessed by psychiatrists before being allowed to breed.

  2. Only in the rarely hears about this in Europe


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