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Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Sensibly, the Planning Committee has done the right thing and refused permission.


A resident writes....

Dear Dame
Incredible news about the Planning Committee decision.      

This just shows the nature of power -Tories rattled about prospects at the next local election and starting to respond to resident opinion

I think the Hornet has been a central part of “sensitising” the Hornton Street reptiles. 

Do not underestimate the importance of this achievement

The developers put huge legal fire power behind their appeal (that top solicitor guy with the great track record for these things that they used for their appeal) 

It will be interesting to see if they keep going. 
There was plenty of financial incentive for them to carry on because of the false financial assumptions that they were using to mask the true profits of the original proposal. 
But, with the downturn of the property market, maybe the project has become more marginal and they will walk away
but the old lesson holds good for Hornton Street - monopolies are a plague


  1. The Planning Committee was at its best under Cllr. Marshall and the Hillgate Village group did an amazing and professional job. The Developer looked utterly stupid asking the Planning Officer to answer the Committee’s questions for them. Hopefully we have seen the last of that lot.

    1. What on earth is going on? Boy Marshall supporting residents? Did he fall off his polo pony?

    2. Cllr Marshall will be fully exposed at the Public Inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire for his role as Chair of the Housing and property Scrutiny Committee. It was Marshall who assisted the TMO to carry on their reign of terror by turning a blind eye to the legitimate complaints of residents. Shame on him!

    3. Everyone will be famous for five minutes

    4. Person Familiar With The Situation1 February 2018 at 20:09

      The developers thought they had it in the bag. They had been given the "nod" by Officers

  2. Shame on the Kensington Society, who were unable to confirm that they had consulted their members before coming out in support of the development.

    1. It is quite incredible that the Kensington Society and the Campden Hill residents Association supported the application which was objected to by more than 800 residents. Both of these organisations are funded by their membership, residents who pay their subscriptions. he respective Leaderships have clearly lost sight of their constituents.

    2. Heads would role if it were a commercial organisation. Perhaps they will be voted off at the next AGM

    3. The Kensington Society has become consumed by arrogance. Out of touch with their membership. They take the subscriptions but peddle their own tune which is derived from what they think they should say in order to keep their leaders hobnobbing with the planners and developers and Council big wigs.

      Lost souls

    4. The Chelsea Society was in danger of going the same way a while ago, eg siding with property developers to support the then near certainty of a Crossrail 2 station on the King's Road. Now happily with James Thompson in overall charge and Michael Stephen on planning they are much more focussed on what is best for Chelsea and its residents.

    5. Hillgate Resident3 February 2018 at 07:15

      Time for a clear out at the Kensington Society

  3. This pernicious development is no loss to the Royal Borough. They proposed to knock down a 5000 sq meter office block and, under the guise of a "new office block" replace this with a new building including 4000 sq meters of office space (ie a loss of 1000 sq meters) and the addition of 8000 sq meters of high end residential accomodation for buy to leave. ie wealthy foreigners wanting to park money in London. No people living in these flats and therefore not spending to support the local community. And not working in companies to help add value to the economy and produce growth. We do not need this and it is time that the politicians wake up. The Planning Committee last night suggests that maybe this is starting to happen.

    Developers think that expensive lawyers, brown envelopes, and fine print can steam roller the population. But they need to learn that in a democracy, residents should have a voice.

  4. We need a strong Labour opposition in Kensington and Chelsea. Strong enough to keep the Tories awake at night.

    The Tories have had a monopoly for too long in Hornton Street and have lost sight of the residents and voters

  5. Well done to all of those who campaigned against the 'development'. Let's hope the momentum (note small ;m;) will be maintained..
    My question is: what will now happen to the area? Let to dilapidate and eventually the developers will get their way?

    1. Great Badger territory

    2. Badger asks a good question. The site is perfect for affordable inner city accommodation. The Council should wait for the distress sale of the site, buy it, develop it, and sell the flats. Here is a design for small 40 m sq flats

      The Council needs to lead the way and demonstrate that this type of affordable housing is possible in central London. It is viable in high rise buildings.

      Developers in K&C are intent on maximising profit. The most profitable market is foreigners who want "buy to leave" for BIG flats with luxury finishes. The cost per square meter can be cut in half with modest finishes. eg no gold plated taps and marble walls. Chrome taps and plaster walls can be made to look very attractive.

  6. Hopefully Cllr Marshall will be one of those facing charges of misconduct in public office for his refusal to allow Labour councillors and residents to speak against the TMO's "whitewash" report on the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower. One of the issues he refused to debate was the lack of fire safety measures. Misconduct in public office can lead to a prison sentence.


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