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Sunday, 4 February 2018


Should planning officers be on Christian name terms with big deal developers? 
It's a highly pertinent question especially as a most 'run of the mill' residents don't get the opportunity to be on terms of intimacy with officers whose advice and decisions can be worth tens of millions in profits.

A recent example comes to mind. 
The lead developer on Newcombe Tower seemed to be on too informal terms with Cheryl Severus, the case officer. It was 'Cheryl this, and Cheryl, that' as if she was on the developer's team!

An earlier case involved Alison Flight, the Capco case officer who danced up to the DP9 team leader and planted a big kiss on him when the decision went in Capco's favour.
The Dame may be imbued with Victorian values but she doesn't hold with this sort of hanky panky.

This coziness is not just found on Conservative councils: it's just as bad on Labour-run administrations.

Mr. Stallwood, our planning supremo, tells the Dame he doesn't like officers to be targeted by the Hornet. 
There is a simple solution to his quandary: ensure officers maintain a respectful distance from sleazy, greedy developers....oh, and remember it's us residents who pay officers' salaries and platinum plated pensions.


  1. An show of bias and favour by Cheryl and Alison?
    That cannot be ignored Mr Stallwood
    Planning - what a mess has been made of RBKC

  2. Kensington Resident5 February 2018 at 08:15

    This report is most disturbing. If this behaviour is shown in public what is going on in private? When "poor" staff mix with "rich" developers it is a formula for corruption.

    Wake up Mr Stallwood. Do your job as a manager and publish acceptable guidelines of behaviour.

  3. The developers obviously got very close to the planning staff and were allowed to do so. Is there any evidence, ever, of residents being afforded familiarity and access by planning staff? Residents whose lives are affected by planning decisions and pay the wages of the planners!

    It is scandal. A corrupt system. No wonder residents are alienated and the political system is despised.

    Comes down to leadership. Dizzy Lizzie not up to the job.

    1. 08:21 sadly there is examples of residents afforded the same sort of luxurious meetings. The council started legal proceedings using public funds £200,000 for a boy playing a piano.

      Why did RBKC support the multi milionaire Baptistas in legal proceedings against the Carrabinos?

      This story has appeared twice in Private Eye and the Baptisas should give residents' money back.

      Dame, questions still need to be asked who at the council signed this off and why?

  4. I agree with above comments about being 'familiar'. However, there is nothing malicious behind this behaviour. One of my human friends, of certain age, has had exchange of emails with NHS England. They all just sign themselves as 'Jenny, Tom, Harry', whatever. When asked, he was told that this is a policy. This is sad, as it would appear rather over-familiar attitude; remembering that some of these emails may end up as an evidence in a legal case. Let's stick to the 'old fashioned' way of identifying ourselves...

  5. SB: Indeed - how would these people be referred to? As 'Jenny at the NHS'? It goes without saying that 'familiarity breeds contempt'. i find it rather offensive that someone, whom I have never met and hope NOT to meet, could be so familiar.

  6. The Dame has had to delete a comment which bordered on the defamatory.
    Would dear readers remember that it's the Dame who ends up in court not the poster.

  7. Capco also took a certain officer out to celebrate after that decision. The same officer who told the planning committee that residents objections should be ignored

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