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Saturday, 10 February 2018


There has been concern expressed about the proposed closure and relocation of the Redcliffe Surgery, which is one of the larger GP practices in the borough.

The commercial lease of the premises of the GP practice is due to expire and the lease will not be renewed, therefore the practice will have to find another location at some point within two years. The building is not really fit for modern day requirements and the layout of the building itself presents challenges. The practice has confirmed it will consult patients.

The Earl’s Court area is one of the most populated in the borough, whose public has diverse medical demands.  It is suggested that all existing patients would be accepted at Violet Melchett Heath Centre at 30 Flood Street.  But to get there may require a bus change either way, or tube then bus. Councillor Linda Wade has raised the issue of the list of GPs provided last year, which could be offered as alternatives, some were out of borough, some were private, some although on the list were declining patient registration from SW5 and some were already at capacity.

We will keep you posted but in the meantime, Linda Wade has offered to receive any comments on “how you would like to see GP provision in the area” 

Yours sincerely
Amanda Frame


  1. Actually Amanda Frome and the decrepit Kensington Society has got this all slightly wrong as usual (like when they supported the awful Newcombe House development)

    I was at the Social Care and Health meeting and it was Cllr. Charles Williams and Cllr. Malcolm Spalding who raised this issue and are fighting for GP provisions locally in Redcliffe.

    Why is the Ken Soc making such an erroneous issue out of the Liberals - yet again ? What does Annabel Mullins say about it ?

    1. Ken Society is anti-Council.

  2. Are the Redcliffe Surgery Partners going back to Wales - Dr's Rees, Farrar and Butler?

    Bad reviews on Google and NHS websites.

  3. 23.05 I was a patient at this surgery for thirteen years. I do not understand your reference to the Doctors going back to Wales. Dr Rees is Welsh but to the best of my knowledge Dr Farrar and Dr Butler are not. Are you expressing prejudice about the Welsh?

  4. What on earth does this subject have to do with the Kensington Society?

    Busy bodies who have lost their way and acting way outside their mission statement.

    KS is a spent force. Needs to be culled (like Sad Badger)

  5. Perplexed: I truly resent your heinous wishes to exterminate us, the Badgers...I should remind you that the Government is rather silent on the efficacy of the 'official culls' of Badgers. There is no evidence that Bovine TB has declines. I guess, you are making this statement purely because I am a 'Badger', rather than the views I express. If so, shame on you,
    In respect of Ken Soc, it may be outside of its remit to get involved in these matters, but they should at least research the matter properly. before raising the dust...

    1. It is indeed curious that your views are frequently sound

  6. Please sign our CHANGE petition to the CCG who fund all our GPs, including the REDCLIFFE Practice in REDCLIFFE Street in REDCLIFFE WARD. The CCG can make changes and they are responsible for ensuring adequate and sufficient primary care provision.

  7. Why is Kensington Society plugging the Lib Dems? I think Mr Bach is a Lib Dem. Perhaps that is why.

    1. Bach is the most boring man on earth. He drones on and on and on at the AGM. He is a near death experience. Fitting that he belongs to the Lib Dems.

  8. When chaired by the great Sir Ronald Arculus the Kensington Society was a much respected society focused on preserving the historic fabric of Kensington. It is now a mouthpiece of the disgruntled and sees itself as a political force in the borough. The patron is HRH the Duke of Gloucester, he will be alarmed when he is informed of their transformation.


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