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Tuesday, 17 October 2017


This is not just about ripping out community assets: it's about the likes of Heaps and that rotter, Pooter Cockell, ripping us all off. 
Their behavior plays straight into the hands of the likes of Corbyn. 

Not so long ago, the old Dame was able to toddle along Kings Road and deposit her ‘widow’s mite’ at the Chelsea Building Society.
How nice it was to have a friendly chat with the young people there.
But good things never last.....

Yorkshire Building Society snaffled up Chelsea; closing this much-loved community facility and forcing ‘lil ol me’s’ like the Dame to spend hours bussing to the Shepherd’s Bush fringes of Kensington.
OK, so the directors of the old Chelsea Building Society were dross but the branch should have remained open.

Yorkshire Building Society offers nothing more to Chelsea savers and borrowers than a lot of bullshit about how closing branches enhances ‘customer experience’. 
Do they think we are stupid?

But here’s the really funny bit.

The part-time chairman of Yorkshire is an unknown lawyer called Mr.Heaps. Heaps joined in 2015 on £150,000 or close to £3,000 a week. 


Just a couple of years later the Executive Board decided he should get £185,0000 or close to £3,500 a week!
Curiously, and in that same period, the Executive Board found that their own packages increased by a similar quantum! 

So the CE, a Mr. Regnier, now earns a base salary of over half a million a year plus.... and his colleagues not far short. 

So what’s going on? 

Here's how they fix it.....

The Executive Board decide the mega money the Non-Executive Board cream off. 
The Non-Executive Board then return the favour by deciding what the exec's get...a sort of circular ‘you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'.
The end result is that the exec's and the NED's look after each other!
In simple English, the non-executive directors become vassals of the Executive Board when they are supposed to be guarding shareholders’ interests.

It’s a bit like our very own Council.
The totally feckless Pooter Cockell’s £70,000 a year allowance was supported by Sir 'Delboy' Myers, the late and unlamented Town Clerk. 
In turn, Pooter supported Delboy's  £250,000 a year.
A bit like Yorkshire Building Society!

Anyway, the Dame will move her £50 million savings from Yorkshire to a society that chooses to support Chelsea by having a local that does not rip off shareholders by splashing out heaps on the likes of Heaps.

It’s time we all rose up against the rampant greed of these rapacious moneylenders. 


  1. as poor vermin know nothing about Building Societies, I shall not comment on the merits of these vast salaries/expenses. But, I must make one comment: It is so, so vulgar to flout one's wealth, as our dear Dame does above.. as for a bank? The Queen's bankers come to mind. Not quite sure about their support for Chelsea, but they will take very good care of your meager capital..:-)

  2. The Dame told me that the £5million is just her for her day to day spending

  3. Pay themselves a a fortune whilst cutting the very reason that fortune exists. Bad service for those at the bottom , luxury trips for those at the top.

  4. YES, this is true - last year I was moved from Chelsea to Yorkshire and had a very bad experience of their incompetence. Formal complaint made and financial apology received. Will move from Yorkshire next year.

    1. Lancashire should be a nice spot, I understand.

    2. Yorkshire where fracking is? Carcinogens in tap water. Watch out.

    3. Oh I beg you pardon. You are talking about building societies.

      I'd say ALL the banks and building societies are corrupt.

      Once you hand over your money, I mean, once you deposit your funds, you have said goodbye to your money. It gives you an impression that it belongs to you.

  5. Should watch Jacques Peretti's billion dollar deals: Money.


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