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Sunday, 29 October 2017


You think RBKC should merge with Westminster? Go and lie down until the notion passes.....
WCC would gobble up K&C alive. 
One hates to be unkind about our giant neighbour but the Dame hears nothing else but stories of industrial-scale corruption in planning matters.
The Dame rarely ventures out of the Royal Borough but for a free dinner and a chance to press the flesh of the aristocratic Lord Archer she becomes an old slapper.
The dinner last Wednesday was a fundraiser for the Simon Milton Foundation. LINK 
Those with long memories and longer teeth will remember Milton was a friend and ally of the dreadful Lady Porter who fled to Israel owing millions in surcharges.

The room was full of developers, hoteliers, and representatives of theatre owners in Westminster.
The Dame spoke to a good number of them and asked why they had paid many thousands of pounds for their
tables and donated such generous hospitality as lots to auction for the Foundation. 
One charming but nervous guest, looking over his shoulder, summarised the consensus of responses by saying,
“Look, if we don’t, we end up with all sorts of planning and licensing issues......”
It seems, in addition to buying their £3,000 tables, the hoteliers and theatres donate hospitality to be auctioned and the permatanned and Brioni suited developers buy the auction lots which ex-con, Archer puts under the hammer and thus the wheels keep turning!


  1. It is called PROTECTION MONEY.
    It's how mafia operates.

    I take it such acticities exist in the Royal Borough too?
    Oh I feel so native by saying that! LOL

  2. Roll on Momentum. Westminster is No 2 on the list after Kensington & Chelsea. Cant wait for May 2018.

    1. Worried Resident29 October 2017 at 19:21

      @12.49, do you think for one moment that Momentum will refuse brown envelopes? Do you remember a person called Derek Hatton, the Leader of Liverpool Council? Do you have any notion of what they got up to?

      Either The Chairman of K&C Conservatives (Cllr Mills, the celebrated and outstanding ex Deputy Mayor) needs to get rid of the current lot of Tory Councillor cretins and refresh the Tories OR the Dame needs to produce a bunch of Independents in sufficient numbers, and create experience and organisation, to replace the current Conservative imposters and block Momentum.

      The Royal Borough faces a perilous future.

  3. More rabbits in the hat29 October 2017 at 20:47

    Re: The idea about RBKC & Westminster merger....
    So having failed to end KCTMO which offererd them an opportunity to evade corporate manslaughter charges, they are now thinking of merger? Once RBKC corporation disappears into thin air, nobody can press charges. Clever!

  4. The legal teams at the RBKC and WCC could become the London arm of LGSS Law, the alternative business structure owned by three other local authorities, as early as 1 December 2017. LBHF is said to be not ready to progress the merger. The business case was considered by RBKC's Leadership Team:

  5. Westminster joins Kensington & Chelsea in backing merger of legal team with LGSS Law


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