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Thursday, 5 October 2017


It's an odd world when foreigners can come to the UK.....use NHS services and then refuse to pay the bill.
It costs us all millions.....

If we could claw just a little back it could save Freddy Vallender's little life.
Freddy is a beautiful four-year-old boy from Somerset who loves, like all small boys, tractors.

He has a rare and life-threatening heart condition which can only be treated at the Boston Children's Hospital.

So far, £22,000 has raised of the £90,000 needed to pay for the operation.
The Dame rarely goes 'off message' in her blog but she begs her readers to think of this lovely little boy. 
Without this operation, his life is at serious risk.

Please help the Dame help Freddy by clicking LINK TO JUST GIVING and give what you can. 
If you have any ideas about charities that could help the Dame would love to hear from you.


  1. A successful fund raising model to look at is Elly's Ward 10 Appeal, perhaps some knowledge/advice from this charity could help dear Freddy Vallender find ways to raise funds, if his family got in touch.

    Elly's parents write directly to the CEO of FTSE250 companies and others in the UK, we received a very nicely written and personally signed letter from them for Elly's Ward 10 Appeal, explaining the charity and requesting a donation. Although it was not the companies chosen charity and they were unknown to us, a sizeable donation was made.

    Perhaps a clear heartfelt letter to some carefully chosen companies/sponsors out there could achieve the same results for dear Freddy?

  2. Dear 17:59
    A wonderful idea which the Dame has passed to Freddy's parents who are going to follow up.
    Thank you so much, you lovely person.
    The Dame

  3. Always happy to help the Dame x

    All good wishes to dear Freddy Vallender

  4. What a wonderful idea. As we already contribute towards stopping the cull of our relatives in that part of the country, I and my beloved will be making a donation towards Freddy's treatment. Come one, my dear human friends, little help would be greatly appreciated....
    But, some of you - you know who you are - may do this as an act of penance.

  5. PENANCE, said the Holland Park resident. Perhaps the Dame should send a little flyer to all Councillors at the Nest, to partake in an act of 'penance' and soul cleansing - after all, many of them would be donation our money.

  6. Could the Charlie Gard Charitable foundation help or give fund raising advice?


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