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Tuesday, 24 October 2017


The Dame was weekending with her dear friend, Deidre Smith-Smyth, when she happened to hear that our old friend, Mr. Bore, has been making more enemies amongst the West Sussex stockbroking set. Evidently, Jonathan is augmenting his £120,000 a year RBK&C pension by eking out another £80,000 a year as a planning inspector.

According to the Mid Sussex Times, Mr.  Bore has caused outrage by boosting the target of the new homes for Mid Sussex District Council from 800 to over 1000.
Now the locals have found out that Mr. Bore was the man who signed off the Grenfell Tower refurbishment programme and beating him over the head with it. 
So, the signing off has nothing to with Coleridge and everything to do with Bore. 

You can read all about LINK


  1. Long jail sentence for this man.

    1. Should be asking Bore & Alison Flight about their relationship with CapCo, DP9 re Earls Court.

  2. Signed off by Feilding-Mellen. Officers are the proles, it is always the Cabinet Member who has the final say.

  3. RBKC is also a council that attacks its own residents.
    What happened in North Kensington mirrors Haringey, and Cllr Kober's vast HDV sell off to the developer Lendlease.
    Question: which RBKC Cllr's, planning & regeneration Officers dined
    with Cllr Clare Kober and lobbyist Peter Bingle at Clarks restaurant, Kensington High St? Why did Clare Kober travel west?
    Wonder... which developer;s might've been lined up to 'regenerate' RBKC?
    What happened at Grenfell, the Sutton Est, Earl's Ct was just seemingly the beginning.
    Mr Bore & Cllr Coleridge knows some answers, but others know much more.
    Was this gerrymandering? Was it more about the huge amounts of money? Who knows, maybe time will tell....

    1. Correction: Clarks restaurant, Kensington Church St, is where the 'secret business' pow wow took place...

  4. Look at the directors behind the mid-Sussex development. One is Jamie Borwick. Da da daaa!

    1. is that Vicky's hubby? He did have to declare he knew Bore it was in the Sussex local paper. It is sad to see our party turn on the residents and voters of Kensington & Chelsea.

  5. Interesting to see how familiar names keep popping up in unfamiliar places. But, there is No Hiding Place anymore, thanks to our beloved Dame and others who expose wrongdoing by local authorities.

  6. Tri-borough after April 2018: What is going on?

    There are brand new Tri-borough jobs in Adult Social Care, Children’s Services and Public Health advertised here:

    But, the "formal severance notice means that by 1 April 2018 Hammersmith & Fulham will be going it alone when it comes to Adult Social Care, Children’s Services and Public Health." Press release:


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