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Saturday, 7 October 2017


Cllr Danny 'Boys' Moylan's quote on the 'dicing with death' Exhibition Road. ‘The reimagining of the space has transformed Exhibition Road, improving the quality of life for people living and working in, and for those visiting, the area.

The Dame's doesn't think the dozen people seriously injured will agree with his pompously idiotic statement.
Our hearts go out to the innocents injured today on Exhibition Road.

The Hornet has consistently slammed Exhibition Road as a monstrous waste of money at nearly £27 million plus annual cleaning costs of close to £400,000 a year. 
The granite, ordered from China of all places, is now filthy with tyre marks and oil slicks.

Wise heads have always said that this dangerous experiment of mixing vulnerable pedestrians with speeding cars was a recipe for a tragedy: they have been proven right
No one sticks to speed limit and is common to see cars and lorries racing at 60 MPH

Moylan, you are an arrogant know all. 
Your ludicrous project should be scrapped and cars and lorries banned immediately.

These two comment in the Evening Standard are pertinent

And it's another reminder that 'shared space' of which Exhibition Road is widely touted as a good example is a fatally flawed idea because people in cars just won't be nice and drive safely around vulnerable road users.
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They did away with the kerbs & road markings here saying it'll make the area more visitor-chummy and drivers will be more cautious. That worked well.


  1. Well done Dame first thing we thought. Moylan's expectation to be leader has gone up in smoke.

    Dame, where have all the railings gone? Is it not time to these to be brought back?

  2. Moylan, against the advice of road safety experts, refused to allow kerbs which would have at least slowed a vehicle.
    His arrogance put children and parents at risk of serious industry and death

  3. Another waste of our money thanks to Moylan. Close the road down before there is another tragedy. I suspect those injured may have a case against the Council.

  4. If Moylan overruled health and safety advice to create a shared pedestrian/vehicle zone, is he not personally responsible?


    Public Realm

    Daniel Moylan is closely associated with streetscape improvements in the Royal Borough that have become the focus of national and international attention. Improvements to Kensington High Street have won many awards. Plans greatly to improve the amenity of Sloane Square remain on hold, and proposals for the radical transformation of Exhibition Road, the gateway to the many world-class institutions of the area, including the great national museums, are progressing. In recognition of his achievements in this area, he was elected in 2008 an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

    Royal Institute of British Architects:

    Daniel Moylan with Sunand Prasad, PRIBA, on his election as an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects

    Daniel Moylan is Chairman of Urban Design London, an unincorporated association of TfL, the London Development Agency, London Councils and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment that seeks to improve professional competence in the realm of design amongst London’s town planners and highways engineers.

    Urban Design London:

    In November 2009, Daniel Moylan accepted an invitation from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to take on the chairmanship of the Mayor’s Design Advisory Panel. He was also given lead responsibility for ensuring the delivery of the Mayor’s vision for the public realm as set out in the Great Outdoors policy statement.
    Mayor of London:

    International Finance Training Consultants

    Trainers Biographies

    Daniel Moylan

    Daniel Moylan has worked in the international capital markets for both County Bank Limited (later County NatWest Capital Markets Limited, the international debt securities arm of NatWest Investment Bank) and Security Pacific Hoare Govett Limited. His responsibilities have included eurobond origination, the structuring of interest rate and currency swaps and the syndication of new issues in the eurosecurities markets. In recent years he has been an international financial training consultant, conducting seminars for major financial institutions in Europe and Asia. Before working in the City, Daniel Moylan was a member of the British Diplomatic Service. He was educated at the University of Oxford, where he read German and philosophy.

    Trainer Biographies at Eagan Associate

    Daniel Moylan

    Roger H. Roberts

    Trading Simulations

    Nancy Loates-Taylor

    Warwick Lightfoot

    Michael Dance

    Eve Harvey



  8. Shared space was a controversial fad. Embraced, of course, by Moylan in order to get noticed. It worked brilliantly for him. Got plenty of notoriety. But was it worth it? Innocent people being run over by cars in his "shared space".

  9. Exhibition Road is an open invitation to a soft target which should be pedestrianised or put back

  10. Consistently, Doctor Gordon Taylor, a leading traffic management expert, warned Moylan of the folly of mixing cars and people. Taylor was not alone.
    Hans Monderman, the Dutch pioneer of shared space was lukewarm about schemes such as ER.
    Lord Holmes, a champion of the disabled, has also slammed the road.

    Incredibly, Dixon Jones, with no expertise in this niche area was given the contract.
    As 09:53 points out ER is now a lure for any terrorist looking to engage in mass slaughter.
    Beyond all that is the huge financial cost to the taxpayers of K&C and WCC just so Moylan could preen himself like a peacock!

  11. Please don't close Exhibition Road - 1000s of people live there and want to go on being able to drive their children and elderly relatives to their homes. Residents' protests against the changes to the Road were ignored and overridden by 'we know best' K&C....and all the problems we predicted have come to pass. Turn it back into a proper road and get the Museums to manage their crowds (as the Natural History Museum is planning to do) not dump them in the street, make them a target and then complain about it. Closing the road is not an answer - terrorists don't just arrive by vehicle....

    1. Looks like Dent Coad may try to pedestrianise this road when what we need is to go back to how it was before.

  12. Another sorry example of how to piss away tax payers money; whilst care for the elderly suffers to a great degree.

  13. Was this ANOTHER case of a Toyota Prius mini cab driving on his SATNAV because he does not know London?

    See previous list of accidents in similar circumstances.

  14. We are still waiting for the EDC utterance. She has missed a chance to spout.

    1. If this was in the North of the Borough I am sure Ms EDC would have been very active by now , as it is she will just want it closed to traffic and to get back to the area she prefers . She is not fond of the Southern part of the borough as she feels they are all rich and need no help, if she opened her eyes instead of her mouth she might see how wrong she is.


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