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Monday, 23 October 2017


Dear Dame, 

The membership of the TMO voted to adjourn the recent Annual General Meeting of the Company and agreed to postpone the winding up of the worst social housing provider that this country has ever seen. 
No one really wants the TMO to continue but no one wants to prejudice the legal position of Grenfell Tower survivors. 
So the TMO continues for perfectly understandable reasons but without the confidence of those dependent on the services it provides.   

Unfortunately, the membership of the TMO were not given the chance at the AGM to express a lack of confidence in TMO Executive Officers.  It is unfortunate and a cause for concern that neither Greg Hands MP nor Emma Dent Coad MP has called for the heads of TMO Executive Officers to roll. 

How can residents be confident that those running the housing service, the same people who were involved in Grenfell Tower refurbishment, are not going to make further mistakes with potentially catastrophic consequences? 

The TMO might continue to exist for many years whilst legal issues are being considered. Does this mean that those involved in the Grenfell Tower issue should be allowed to continue working there earning their fabulous salaries and building up their gold-plated pensions?

Does Lizzie Campbell have anything in mind for the residual stages of the TMO's existence? 


  1. Emma Dent-Coad MP was quick to jump on the bandwagon over the appointment of Sir Martin Moore-Bick to lead the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

    Why didn't she fight a different battle, one that she could win, and demand that heads at the TMO roll? Greg Hands' constituents in the south of the borough are still having their homes managed by the same TMO Executives who bullied Grenfell Tower residents a few years ago. The supine Hands needs to have a word in Theresa May's shell-like.

  2. The Claim: Kensington and Chelsea Council says it will spend more on the rehousing and recovery operation for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire than the government has promised to spend on housing in one quarter (three months) in the whole of the UK.

    Reality Check Verdict: The council is wrong. The British government is only responsible for housing in England and is spending more per quarter than Kensington and Chelsea will spend on Grenfell.

    BBC Reality Check:

  3. They should have the decency to go with dignity.

  4. Court of Public opinion27 October 2017 at 13:40

    There are loads of temporary employment agencies specialising in supplying workers to social housing organisations. We need to get rid of Black, Maddison, Jevans, Birch and Matthews. Perhaps, the employment agencies could arrange to email CV's of suitably qualified staff to Barry Quirk copying in our Emma Dent Coad MP.

  5. Dear Dame,

    I work in the City. I have never heard of any City worker being responsible for the deaths of 80 people but they get the sack for just losing large amounts of money. We all know that the TMO is to blame for the tragedy at Grenfell and the bullying of its tenants. The TMO are the dregs of society-the most worthless part of social housing.


  6. Dent Coad and Hands would do well to read what "The dregs" says. If this pair were any good they would combine forces, put aside the politics of the free-market and the soviet command economy, and make representations to Theresa May to rid the TMO of the bad, incompetent, Executive Officers.

    I suppose we will all be wise after the event when the next TMO disaster happens. I hope no one dies the next time.

  7. They're hanging on for their redundancy money. Can't blame them because they will never work again. They won't be transferred to a new employer because whoever takes over from the TMO will already have their own top managers

    1. Just think about this next time you're at the ballot box29 October 2017 at 09:33

      20.35. Dent Coad and Hands only care about themselves. They don't give a sh*t about those who live under the TMO. They know about bullying by TMO Managers and the burning to death of 80 people yet those who run the place are still in post.


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