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Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Quite a few Conservative councillors face a dual threat: deselection at the hands of Cllr. Julie Mills, chairman of the K&C Conservative Association and being targeted by a determined group ambitious to ensure certain councillors never step inside the Council chamber again.....

Can the postal vote system so skillfully orchestrated by the previous agent, Jonathan 'Fragrant' Frazer Howells save their sorry skins? 

This is the question the Dame needs an answer to.....

The May 2018 elections will be a watershed for the voters of this Borough. 
Political domination by any group...Tory...Labour or Lib Dem is bad for the community. 
Breaking that domination is something to strive for.


  1. Cllr Paul Warrick3 October 2017 at 10:10

    How dare you even think that some motley group of residents can decide who runs the Council. I am a highly qualified barrister and have a far greater understanding of planning issues than any unqualified resident.
    The Grenfell business will blow over and come May it will be 'business as usual'.
    However, I think Cllr Maighread Condom-Simmonds should go: a frightful old Irish bat. It takes more than a bowl of pasta in some Kings Road restaurant to buy me.
    Cllr Warrick

    1. Warwick is not long for this world.

  2. I hear that money is being raised to specifically target certain key Cabinet members and the organisers really know what they are doing....

  3. None of you peasants will unseat me of Cllr Palmer

    1. We will unseat you the one of the red face.

  4. I am ASTONISHED beyond belief that two great tw*ts like Warrick and Moylan would EVER read posts by Borough 'PEASANTS' and one Badger?
    They, as many of their Tory colleagues, are grossly deluded - Grenfell will 'NOT BLOW OVER' - that is nothing but crass wishful thinking.
    Oh, by the way, dear Cllr Moylan, there are far more stupid, silly out-of-touch peasants in the Borough, then the likes of you, deaar.

  5. Cllr Warrick is deluded. He may be a clever Barrister. RBKC will need the likes of him to help and settle all the claims. Unfortunately, he will also have to deal with many ghastly 'peasants', and the 'great unwashed' of this Borough. How ghastly a thought.
    As far as Moylan is concerned? Nothing, but a has been - very 'last century'....

  6. Cllr Warwick and Cllr Moylan would surely not ever comment in such a manner, this must be the work of an impostor in both cases

    Can the Dame please let us know if these comments were really made by Cllr Warwick and Cllr Moylan?

  7. She is NOT obliged to satisfy your request. As the possible 'moderator', she has the last say in what gets published. It is up to you, dear, to believe, or not, the origin. Am I, dear, who I claim to be? Ask the Dame. After all, she extended her rare hospitality and invited me and my dearest to spend few days cruising on her luxurious S.S. Hornet, in the Monte Carlo environs. Truly nice, unforgettable trip. We were all held spellbound by Ludo, when he recanted his unbelievable forays into the English Society.

  8. Welcome to the Hornet where so much that is said is rubbish. Ever wonder why so few Councillors comment on it?

    1. Well, Cllr Palmer reads it avidly...don't you, councillor(he loves being called cllr!)
      From what I hear they all read the Hornet even though forbidden to do so. But, does it matter whether they do or don't.
      Around 1500 unique daily visits from K&C residents do...and that is all that matters

    2. Also if you type in 'FTHN' on every search engine From The Hornets Nest blog appears as the top search. From The Hornets Nest even has its own hashtag #FTHN.

    3. Cllr Matthew Palmer4 October 2017 at 17:21

      I am an arid reder of the Hornets Nest. Its full of very interstresting stuff

  9. bien pensants not peasants surely


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