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Thursday, 19 October 2017


MEP for London area, Charles Tannock, has grown fat on the largesse of the EU. His entire lifestyle is funded by the vast amounts we chip into the EU coffers. 
This is what he can generate.
A monthly EU cheque of €13,000 a month plus  €24,000 a month for 'uman resources'....whatever that might be.
No wonder the greedy pig is whining about the trough being taken away from him. That's a lot of money going into the pigsty!
The Dame was doing her hourly 'cross training' this morning and saw the porker moaning to Adam Boulton about how he was applying for Oirish nationality: assumably so he can snout his way into some Brussels job. 
He really is the most disgusting creature. 
But Tannock's greed is not just confined to getting tens of thousands off the EU.
The Dame put her investigative team onto Tannock and discovered that he had received a huge number of share options from a dodgy fracking company which he decided not to declare.
The Dame passed it to the Insight team at the Sunday Times and they give Tannock a right old bashing up.
Fortunately, Tannock was once a shrink so he was able to self-treat for the stress of exposure and guilt issues.
Tannock is the best reason for leaving the EU: he's a greedy old bugger and you can read the detail HERE

Of course, Tannock tried to sue the Sunday Times but they told him-as did the Press Council- to take a hike.
He even thought of having a go at the poor old Dame!


  1. Piggie is grasping

  2. Charles Tannock, MEP was very unwise to get on the wrong side of our Dame

    What a charlie............

  3. What a gross piece of work

  4. When we have left the EU he will be out of a job, as an ex K&C councillor he could become the next conservative candidate for Westminster. if he is making this amount of money he could fund his campaign to take the seat of EDC.


    2. Conservatives have disillusioned their own voters. Just look at the recent Private Eye in Rotten Boroughs. RBKC spent £200,000 of OUR money to defend some Baptistas about noise of a child playing the piano.

      They take the side of developers, will not stand up to Cadogan, Royals; pushed through a little known ruling allowing their scaffolder mates to park where they like in Kensington and Chelsea. Losing revenue which could be used for the roads developers and buidlers have ruined. Go look at Thamesbrook which is being destroyed as we speak.

      Tannock and any conservative to get a seat would have to be anti basement, anti developer, anti foreign buyers (buy to leave) and pro resident. I'm a Conservative supporter but for a long time have been giving vote elsewhere due to the local Tory councillors who care little about any of the residents in the borough.

  5. At least he can claim some solace that he is a member of the human race. This is commendable, as many of us thought he is a greedy pig.
    As for Westminster, rather a slim chance of getting anywhere. But he has the dough to fight the campaign.

  6. EDC is hard working, charismatic and inclusive. Even if Tannock chucks £millions at his campaign, he won't be selected, let alone elected.

    1. opinion varies rather lot in respect of the attributes quoted in your post...

    2. Perhaps SB but i agree with anon 13.22

  7. Was a councillor for Earls Court. Says it all really like Aouane and Spalding

  8. Comments critical of Mr. Downes or the Dame seem to have been censored.

  9. The UKIP succouring Justin Downes should stick to local issues in Kensington & Chelsea and Mr. Downes's unpleasant anti-Irish racism should be withdrawn immediately.
    An elderly man pretending to be a Dame may have been funny in the 1970s, but nowadays it just looks a bit sad.

    1. Speaking of anti-Irish rascism denigrates those who suffer serious verbal and physical abuse due to their colour.

      UKIP are non existent in the borough but there are many residents who see rich Europeans in the borough and their quislings trying to keep us in a political union which only enriches themselves and their ilk. The likes of Peter Mandelson, Heseltine and Tony Blair are filth and do not care for thee country or their countrymen but only themselves. We could always have a whip round for Tannock for his journey to Eire since we know he prefers to put his hand in the public purse rather than his own pocket. Better out than in.

      Maybe we should FoI Tannock's expenses when he was councillor. Might bring up some interesting details.

    2. 13.56. BALDERDASH! Why bother with facts when falsehoods and insults will do very much better.

      I know Justin Downes. He is half Irish and has mentioned to me that he might apply for an Irish Passport. Applying for Irish Nationality and Citizenship are the actions of someone who is proud of their Irish heritage; not the actions of someone who hates the Irish.

      I am a dual national of the UK and Eire and I can assure you, 13.56, that I would not have anything to do with a self despising Irish person. Justin Downes's relatives have done much charitable work to benefit the less well off in Ireland. Your scurrilous attack on Justin Downes does not stack up.

      Surprised you think he is Our Gracious Lady, The Dame.

    3. 13.56 Scandalous and "Scurrilous"

    4. Grateful Resident22 October 2017 at 13:49

      No idea who Justin Downes is. He can spout off on this blog as much as he wants. But the Dame is a treasured person. Her likes can be seen in Kensington High Street around Barkers and Derry and Toms at any time. The very essence of the Royal Borough.

      Hands off our Dame, whoever the scruff is that seeks to denigrate her!

      Hats off to the Dame

    5. I'm half Irish - half British . I can't decide what i am - am i Trans Irish or Trans British ?

    6. 13:56
      You seem deranged. Why not address your comment to the Dame?
      You say I am 'an anti Irish racist'. As my friend Shane Carter has said it's unlikely. I am half Irish and my great uncle, Martin Melvin, was a considerable supporter of Irish charities, including the Irish Scouts.
      I even think there is a Melvin Cup for the most outstanding scout troop.
      I do wish you would become conversant with the facts before making an 'eejit' of yourself!

  10. Dame, you forgot to mention that Charlie's mrs, his wife Silvia, received close to £40,000 acting as his PA but under her maiden name Janicinova.

    Tannock and his SW5 lady are the Conservative Nick and Miriam Clegg. Wonder why he is such a strong supporter of the political union with Europe?

    1. that's per annum. Even Guido Fawkes pointed this out on twitter. Tut. Tut.

  11. As a longtime reader of this website I am disappointed to see the Dame continue her lame vendetta against Tannock. You don't like him, Dame, we get it. The fact is, Tannock is doing a fantastic job as MEP and is one of the few voices in the Conservative Party who is speaking truth about the insanity of Brexit. Could it be that the Dame doesn't like Tannock because the Dame herself if a Brexiteer? I also find the Dame's criticism of Tannock for taking out Irish citizenship, and her use of the term "Oirish" to be offensive. I would take out Irish citizenship in a heartbeat if I was eligible--ignorant and xenophobic Brexiteers (and I'm guessing this includes the Dame) are stripping me of my right to live and work freely throughout the EU.

    In summary Dame, it's time you grow up and drop your little crusade against a hardworking MEP.

    1. What a silly moo you are 19:52. Hard working and MEP do not go together. Would love to hear the details of this work he does. What is it exactly? No one has ever heard of him, no one knows who their MEP is.

      Have you ever heard of democracy? We had a fair referendum if it wasn't then the OSCE would make their voices heard. If you're desperate to work and live in Europe, leave Britain.

      Someone has had too many Ouzo's. STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD!

    2. How dare you describe the Dame as ignorant.
      She attended one of Switzerland's most prestigious finishing schools.
      The Dame doesn't like Mr Tannock because she doesn't like politicians leeching off taxpayers and worse, hiding away a vast number of share options. Mr Tannock depends entirely upon the largesse of the EU to fund his family: it's an outrage.
      Tannock is a bloody disgrace.
      As for his 'hard work'.....well, it mainly seems to involve flitting around the world in business class.
      Tannock was one of Cockell's brood when on the Council: Cockell also like to 'large it' at the expense of the taxpayer. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  12. The only ‘hard work’ Tannock does is to feather his nest at the expense of taxpayers. He is extracting every euro he can and I was doubly shocked that he is hiding the fact that he has wife on the payroll. It’s a bit like the time a year or two back that he hid the quarter of a million share options in 3 Legs Resources. 3 Legs was trying to get licences in France and other EU countries but of course Mr Tannock would never exploit his position as EU foreign affairs head honcho to influence things.

    The Dame is quite correct in pointing out that Mr Tannock has aggressively exploited every chance to heavily remunerate himself and his family. The 3 Legs option scandal is shocking and Tannock has yet to apologise. To repeat and conclude Tannock works hard for his own benefit.

    Ranting at the Dame for criticising Tannock claiming is ‘hardworking

  13. It's Barnier and Juncker who are ignorant and xenophobic, along with all the EU bureaucrats, soviet centralists, fat-cats and freeloaders. They are stalling the article 50 one-way negotiation in order to hold us to ransom for more money. Your taxes. The EU is preventing us from having free trade deals throughout the world and the Commonwealth.

    STOP THIS EU discrimination against the Commonwealth and movement of Commonwealth labour.

    Scare stories about EU citizens rights and visa-controlled free movement of employed labour. We still employ people from all round the World not just EU. Anyone with real skill can get a Tier 1 work visa.

    Scare stories about travel and aviation - all the World flies into EU without a trade deal!

    All the world trades with EU on WTO terms. So can we. WTO tariffs will be tax income for UK. German export economy will suffer.

    The EU is just a protectionist racket to luxuriate the Franco-German elite.

    Ask the 50% Spanish and Portguese unemployed youth. Ask the Greeks. Ask the Italian Banks. Ask the Austrians. Ask the Czechs.

    Even mutti Merkel cannot form a strong & stable
    Conservative German Government without prolonged coalition bargaining with the anti-EU right.

    Support Emma and Jeremy in their brave fight to escape the EU and support freedom for UK and freedom for Catalonia, oppressed by the fascist Spanish state and the EU.

    Emma and Jeremy have shown real political principles and leadership in supporting Article 50 and the great Reform Act promoting an early and strong BREXIT, in the UK interest against corporatism and globalisation.

    Up with devolution and separatism and strong Brexit.
    Who needs stitched up capitalist deals when we can have FREE TRADE.

    1. Brilliant, well said! Tannock wants white migration from Europe not those who stood by us for two world wars. Up the Commonwealth! Down with Timmy the dog!

  14. Emma does not support Article 50. She had the courage to stand up to her own party and vote the way the majority of her constituents wished her to vote - ie. she supported the Umuna amendment against the instructions of her whip. Well done Emma!

  15. LABOUR support Article 50 to leave the EU


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