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Monday, 30 October 2017


Just a couple of hours ago....
Duke of York's Square shop attacked by moped gang.LINK
If Rudd had any sense she would pass legislation that any moped rider had to wear a hi-viz jacket with prominent ID on it. 
This is how moped-related crime in South America is dealt with. In this way, any rider, not immediately identifiable, can be picked up by the police. Very simple!

Amber Rudd and Sadiq Khan share blame for the relentless rise of violent crime on the streets of London: they are both deadweights. 
In the case of Khan, his only life experience is as yet another 'uman rights lawyer....hardly reassuring....
A criminally useless pair

For those who remember New York in the ‘70’s, there's a feeling of deja vu. 
In those days, the streets of NY were deadly dangerous but now London has taken over the mantle.

In K&C uniformed officers walking the streets are as rare as hen’s teeth. 
Most of the time they seem to be driving around in expensive vehicles and queuing up to buy bacon butties from Greggs.

Leadership comes from the top. 
It's time Borough Commander, Ellie O' Connor, cracked the whip. 
If she's not up to the job she should pass the baton back to Chief Superintendent Sarwar. 
Sarwar seemed to know what he was doing and had the look of authority about him.

Londoners have a right to safety....every day we read of acid attacks, muggings, knifings, ramraids, and youths running riot on bike stampedes, creating havoc.


  1. VERY WELL SAID DEAR DAME - we see and feel what you are saying on a daily basis in RBKC.

  2. Davies and Moylan snogging on the bench would be a fitting statue for LGBT 50 year anniversary. And where better than Bond Street? So up market

  3. This, I'm sad to say, is the most unfair remark from the Dame for a long time. The blame for diminished Met resources lay squarely with the government's austerity drive, which has seen cuts to the Met budget of £600 million since 2011 and a budget freeze for the next four years which means that savings of £400 million must be found due to rising costs.
    Sadiq Kahn and Amber Rudd both became mayor of London and home secretary respectively in 2016, and have had no say in these cuts and freezes, which were decided by George Osborne and David Cameron between 2010 and 2016. Both Boris Johnson and Sadiq Kahn have tried to protect the number of police officers by selling buildings instead of firing front line officers, although Johnson did away with many of the PCSOs, who are so important in providing us with a visible, patrolling police presence.
    If any are to blame beside Osborne and Cameron, it would be Philip Hammond and Theresa May, for not reverting the budget decisions taken by Osborne and Cameron when they took over numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street in 2016. Also, Mrs May was the home secretary during the whole Cameron-Osborne reign, but never objected to the cuts to policing.
    Blame those responsible, not those who try to manage decisions taken higher up.

  4. I agree with Tom. Long standing problem for which Rudd and Khan are wholly blamed; it is due to cuts introduced much earlier.

  5. The Dame disagrees...
    It's about utilising the resources you have. The Dame constantly sees police vans and vehicles bustling around the RB with officers looking nonchalantly out of the windows. Get them out of their motor cars and on to the streets.
    And Miss Rudd, cut down the web of bureaucracy that keeps them behind their desks. Instead of filling in endless reports they should be deployed obtaining intelligence to prevent crime on our streets.
    The police need leadership and these two are failures in that respect.

    1. Dear Dame,

      I believe you are correct. Only yesterday police were dealing with an incident on Warwick road in Earls Court but would not give inormation or did not know what was going.

      I have even seen road rage with a driver punching another driver's window and diplomatic police just drove past not stopping.

      Only today a protest blocking traffic up and down Old Brompton Road there were no police present even though they use this road to bus the blue bottles about.

      Though cuts have had a serious effect on the police we only see police on the ground when there is a terroist incident.

      Chelsea, Battersea and Knightsbridge police stations were sold off by Stephen Greenhalgh to his developer mates for flats to be sold to off shore clients to buy to leave.

      Rudd and Khan are just as culpable as those previously.

  6. To think I used to have a sausage sandwich with Amber in Graziana'a of a morning when she was just a single mum living above Lloyd's Bank on Kensington High Street - would she even acknowledge me now?

  7. Now Notting Hill Police station to be closed and sold off.

  8. "Princess's girl fights with mugger near her Chelsea flat" with no bobbys on the beat and no police station at Battersea or Chelsea; not surprised that this happened.

    Closest police station to Worlds End Chelsea is Earls Court (closes at 5pm) or Wandsworth.

    What a sorry state our constables have come to.

  9. Internet policing, it that what we have come to?


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